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5 tips to make your Instagram appeal to employers

Have you ever wondered what’s the one thing that employers do first when your name pops up on their radar? In the old days, they would Google your name to see if you might be on any of the 50 most wanted lists of the FBI. These days, they look you up on Instagram. If you ever heard that saying: ‘A picture says more than a thousand words’, then your Instagram says about a million, and employers know this. If you want to know what it is that makes you stand out from all the other candidates just by having the best Instagram profile, read these 5 tips!

1. Know the culture of the field that you want to be employed in

Remember when you were young and everyone told you that those party pics on your Facebook would not get you a job later? Times have changed and now this might not necessarily be the truth anymore. Most cool startups are looking for people that will add to the friendly, chill culture that their company has, and they will look for people who portray their outgoing, fun personality on Instagram. In this case, a picture with a beer or two won’t hurt your image, it might even help you. However, a strict law firm will want every employee to represent their company well and might allow a picture of you drinking a glass of wine in Italy, but not you dancing on tables in a club in Saint-Tropez. However, one thing is very important when it comes to your image on Instagram…

2. Be authentic

Yes, people, we’re going there. This might be the cliche of all cliches but it’s also the one that always applies. When posting on Instagram it’s important that they’re pictures that you stand behind, from moments that you enjoyed. If these turn out to not be a good fit with a company, then you are probably not a good fit for that company as well. So while you might want to think about #blackoutdrunk, #freethenipple might be a perfect fit for that progressive company you’re applying for. As long as your Instagram represents you, the perfect company won’t mind you representing them. However, there are always some things you can improve about your authentic Instagramming self.

3. Create the right aesthetic

Everyone enjoys beauty and therefore nobody will mind good quality content on Instagram. Blurry pictures in dark environments don’t say much about you but do say something about the quality that you deliver. Employers will be much more impressed with you showing a picture that was made with your iPhone in good lighting conditions and properly edited, so much so, that they might let you run their Instagram account. Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration are @marcusvaleur, @jackharries, and @jannid.

4. Emphasize all your best qualities

As we said before, it is important that your Instagram represents you and what you enjoy in life. However, this does not mean that you can’t emphasize some things more than others. While you might be amazing at binge drinking, you also have a really cute dog, that is more Instagram appropriate. When you’re good at work-related things, Instagram is the place to show it off, so if you travel a lot, document it. If you an amazing drawer, expose all your work on Instagram. And if you’re really funny, start making funny sketches and post them. But this does not have to be directly work-related, if you have a lot of friends, Instagram can be a great place to post all your best memories with them. And this will only show future employers that you’re a great person to be around. Some people who do not only show that they’re great at their job, but that they also have an amazing personal life are @tanyarad and @robertgraham.

5. Keep some things private

I don’t think I have to tell all of you intelligent readers this, but some things are better kept to yourself, and then I’m not talking about #sunsoutbunsout. Fights that you are having with your boy- or girlfriend are not to be exposed on Instagram, nor the fact that you passed out last night from the alcohol, or that you got fired from your last three jobs. #keepitclassy is one of the biggest rules when it comes to being a professional on Instagram, so when thinking of posting something, maybe sleep on it when the content is a little risqué. But all of you already knew this of course!

Instagram is supposed to be fun, so don’t take it too seriously. Just show you living your best life, and you will be hired in no time.

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