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A Peek Inside PGGM’s Traineeship Programs with Sanne

Let’s cut to the chase: finance isn’t just about crunching numbers or predicting market trends—activities that seem remote and impersonal; it could also be about securing futures—yours and that of millions of others. At least, that’s the case with PGGM. As a leader in the pension fund industry, PGGM embodies this mission by aiming for impactful investments that promise secure, green futures. With its strong roots in healthcare and its status as a non-profit cooperative, PGGM stands out for all the right reasons.

If the thought of a career in finance has always excited you, or if the idea of pensions is new (and yes, exciting) to you, PGGM’s traineeship programs are designed to challenge, inspire, and transform you into the professional the future needs. To know what it’s really like, we spoke to Sanne, a management trainee, who shared her experiences of how PGGM nurtures its trainees for success.

What did you do before starting at PGGM?

“In 2016, I began studying International Business at Maastricht University, where I majored in finance and specialized in Emerging Markets. Alongside my studies, I gained work experience by completing a full-time board year at SCOPE, the study association of the School of Business and Economics, as well as interning at Medtronic and BMW Finance in Malaysia. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I moved to Rotterdam to do a master’s degree in Global Business & Sustainability to learn more about the social and sustainable aspects of businesses.”

I would like to emphasize that you do not need to have everything planned out. Keep an open mind and seek out rotations in teams that differ significantly from one another, as this will allow you to learn the most.

Sanne van Gorp, Management Trainee at PGGM

How are you experiencing your role so far?

“As a management trainee, no two days are the same. Every 4-6 months, I switch departments, which allows me to gain exposure to different tasks and teams. During my first rotation, I worked on a strategic change project for investment management, followed by a project management role in the member organization for employees in healthcare and wellbeing. I then worked as a strategist for both the investment strategy and investing in healthcare and wellbeing teams before moving to my current role as an innovation manager. As you can see, a lot of possibilities for rotations exist within the traineeship. Moreover, I have ample opportunities for personal and professional development, which I find very beneficial for launching my career.”

What is your experience in working for PGGM?

“PGGM places a high value on its employees and participants. The first thing that struck me was the dedication of all my new colleagues to achieving the best pension outcomes for the hardworking people in healthcare and wellbeing. Everyone works collaboratively towards this goal, which is unique to PGGM. The freedom that PGGM provides its employees to pursue their interests within their jobs feeds into this dedication. Furthermore, PGGM incorporates sustainability throughout the organization, which is something I, with my background in Global Business & Sustainability, highly value.”

What had you wanted to know before you started working in your role?

“A traineeship provides a wealth of opportunities for exploring what you like, what you are good at, and what you value in a job. Prior to starting my traineeship, I believed that I needed a complete career plan for the first few years. However, I am currently working in a department that I initially did not consider, but which I enjoy and learn from every day. I would like to emphasize that you do not need to have everything planned out. Keep an open mind and seek out rotations in teams that differ significantly from one another, as this will allow you to learn the most. After all, your personal development is what a traineeship at PGGM is all about.”

PGGM’s traineeships are designed to challenge and inspire, turning you into the professional the future needs. Explore opportunities in Investment, Quant, Management, Finance, Risk and Compliance, and Legal. Interested? Connect with PGGM on