A glimpse into the experience of Jelmer Reichert's, former trainee at Emixa

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About to graduate but unsure of your next steps? An IT consulting traineeship at Emixa could be the challenge you’re looking for. As a trainee at Emixa, you’ll lay a strong foundation for your career and smoothly transition from student life to the professional world. Emixa also places a high value on personal development, helping you grow both professionally and personally.

Curious about what an Emixa traineeship entails? We spoke with Jelmer Reichert, who joined Emixa as a Process & IT trainee three years ago. In this interview, Jelmer shares how he got started at Emixa, his daily tasks, how the company supports his development, and the project he’s most proud of. Plus, he offers some golden tips for students considering a traineeship. Read on!

The path to an ambitious traineeship at Emixa

With 530 employees across various European countries, Emixa specializes in digital transformation. The company is involved in management consulting, lifecycle management, and the organization, construction, and implementation of digital systems for the manufacturing industry.

For Jelmer, choosing Emixa was a no-brainer. “I have a background in Industrial Engineering and completed my Master’s in Strategic Management in Tilburg. After graduating, the pandemic hit, which had a significant impact on the business world. I took a close look at sectors that remained stable, and ICT was one of them.”

Jelmer was already familiar with Emixa; he had come across the company online and knew they had a distinctive office building along the A2 highway. The fact that Emixa had a location in his hometown of Den Bosch also played a role in his decision. “But the deciding factor was the Process & IT Consulting traineeship they offered me. Thanks to my academic background and work experience, the traineeship was a perfect fit.”

During his traineeship, Jelmer aimed to gain more knowledge and experience in hard skills like SAP, as well as soft skills like presentation abilities. “I was familiar with SAP as an ERP package but didn’t know much about the details. The traineeship provided me with the right tools to learn more about it and specialize further. My focus is now on Supply Chain Management, with a specialization in production.”

What does an IT consulting traineeship at Emixa look like?

The traineeship at Emixa focuses on project management and enterprise solutions, with specializations in various directions. Jelmer explains, “The first two months of the traineeship are packed with various trainings. You’ll gain knowledge of different SAP modules, including Enterprise Asset Management, Project & Portfolio Management, and Supply Chain Management. You will also solve a business case for each practice, in a group with other trainees.”

After the training period, Jelmer began gaining practical experience on the client side. “At that point, you don’t know everything yet, but you have enough foundational knowledge to advise and assist clients.”

“After the two month training period, I started working on the client side to gain practical experience.”

He’s particularly proud of a railway management project he worked on. “We improved data quality using SAP by developing validations to ensure incoming data met business requirements. As a result, data quality in the rail sector significantly improved.”

How does Emixa support trainee development?

During the traineeship, you’ll develop both hard and soft skills and receive solid preparation to take on projects. You’ll always have a coach or colleagues to rely on, so you learn something new every day. Even after completing the traineeship, you can continue to take various trainings to keep growing personally and professionally.

Jelmer confirms that Emixa offers ample growth opportunities. “We have a wide range of clients and assignments. Working on diverse projects helps you adapt to different cultures and communicate at various levels—from the shop floor to the executive level. This personal growth is invaluable.”

What Jelmer enjoys most is truly helping companies and providing concrete solutions to their problems. “Thanks to the experience I gain at different companies, I can develop both personally and professionally. This traineeship is truly special.”

Jelmer’s advice for students entering the job market

The traineeship has offered Jelmer a wealth of opportunities. It has expanded his knowledge of SAP and taught him the ins and outs of consultancy. “My advice is to identify where your ambitions lie and find a job that aligns with them so you can achieve your goals. Also, choose a company that matches your interests. That’s very important.”

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