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On April 22nd it’s Earth Day. A day that’s about paying extra attention to making a positive impact on the planet. One way of doing this is by finding a green job you love. Are you interested in working for a green company? We’ve put together a list of green companies on


Founded in 2010, “Dopper” has a mission to conserve crystal clear water, in every ocean and from every tap. Every year, 8 million tons (!) of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. Dopper offers people the opportunity to use reusable water bottles to combat the use of single-use plastic to achieve the goal of clean water.

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2. Fairphone

The Fairphone company aims to develop smartphones that are produced with a lower environmental impact. Their HQ is located in Amsterdam. The creation of Fairphone at the time was all about the production of smartphones without the use of conflict minerals, so that people can also use their phone longer.

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3. Greendish

Greendish’s mission is simple; making sustainable and healthy food available to everyone. With a motivated team of food professionals and specialists, they want to rectify misunderstandings about sustainable and healthy food in their quest for a healthier environment.

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4. Too Good To Go

This fast-growing scale-up aims to combat food waste in order to combat the greenhouse effect and thus improve the environment. Moreover, Too Good To Go has recently been voted the most inspiring company in the Netherlands! With more than 1 million users, Too Good To Go is currently the world leader in the fight against food waste.

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5. Go Sharing

Go Sharing is changing the way people move around the city. The company offers electric scooters that allow people to get from A to B in a sustainable way. Their motto: from own polluted transport to shared clean transport.

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6. Felyx

Felyx is in the same vein as Go Sharing when it comes to sustainable transport solutions. This company also wants to achieve its goal of a cleaner environment by offering shareable electric scooters.

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7. The Ocean Cleanup

Founded in 2013, this non-profit organization develops cleaning systems that clean up waste that is already in the ocean and the systems also collect plastic from rivers that would otherwise end up in the ocean. This initiative-taking idea has already been awarded numerous prizes and is also a real green company.

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8. P2

P2 strategy is a well-known management consulting company within the environmental sector. In addition to coming up with initiatives to improve the environment themselves, they are mainly open to external customers and partners, who can analyze their idea together with P2 and then implement it strategically.

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9. Greenchoice

Greenchoice is the first sustainable energy supplier company in the Netherlands. The company only supplies 100% green electricity and its mission is to make the Netherlands a little bit greener every day. They do this by saving energy and by compensating for the gas that is still being used.

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10. Zelfstroom

The Self-Flow company has a simple mission; The Netherlands without fossil fuel. Self-power wants to achieve this goal by offering affordable and efficient solar panels. In addition, the company supplies green energy and gas at cost price. This way, they try to motivate people a little more.

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11. Nexio Projects NL B.V.

Nexio Projects is an international consultancy and project management agency. The company works closely with customers and companies in their journey to a sustainable life. They provide concrete plans and goals to efficiently help companies become greener.

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12. Octatube

The Delft-based company Octatube is a “Design & Build” partner. They focus on providing high-quality solutions for facades and roofs with innovative and qualitative techniques and materials. This way, they contribute to a sustainable environment for everyone

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13. Sustainalytics

The company, which was founded in 1992, has a mission to provide insights for investors and companies to make the right decisions that lead to a sustainable and just global economy. They want to make the world greener by implementing advice and strategies.

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14. Greenpark Investments

This dynamic organization is engaged in the management, management and rental of bungalow parks. The focus of Greenpark Investments is on offering peace, space and nature, so that people can enjoy the green Netherlands.

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15. The Greenery

The Greenery is an international sales organization for fresh fruit and vegetables. The efficient management and control of our wide range of products – which not only meets the needs of society but anticipates them, is the profession that the company carries out.

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16. Vandebron

Vandebron brings together supply and demand for good energy and offers innovative applications that allow you to use energy in a smarter way. This way, the company works together towards 100% sustainable energy. In addition, they offer smart and accessible energy applications that are good for the world and good for you.

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17. Patagonia

Patagonia is hard at work saving our planet. This goal is pursued through the recycling of sustainable materials, among other things, and the company is internationally renowned for its commitment to product quality and environmental activism.

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18. Physee

The company Physee proposes an energy-neutral tomorrow, where sustainability makes no concessions to design or well-being. In their mission to achieve this goal, they are developing sensory and solar technologies to improve glass for built environments.

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19. Seepje

The sustainable company Seepje makes natural washing and cleaning products based on the Sapindus fruit from the Himalayas. As soon as the peel of this fruit sees water, it produces a natural form of soap. In this initiative, they ensure, together with us, a cleaner and more beautiful world!

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20. Naïf Natural skincare

Naïf Natural skincare, the name says it all, contributes to a cleaner world by offering natural skincare products. Moreover, production is conducted in a sustainable manner. As a result, Naïf Care can rightly call itself a green company.

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21. Green Flux

In their mission, Green Flux wants to make electric driving a success worldwide by making it as easy as possible for people. Their smart platform enables us to serve global players in the EV industry. Ultimately, the company wants to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy.

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22. Seenons

About 20 people are now working on the mission within the company Seenons; companies get residual waste-free. Seenons sees a future in which 0% residual waste is the standard. The way Seenons does that is by making it easy for companies to separate waste and then have it collected separately and sustainably.

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23. Regionaal energieloket

The goal of the Regional energy counter is to make the home more sustainable. This goal creates lots of questions and research. What is possible in your home? What subsidies are there? And how do you find a reliable company to implement sustainable measures? The Regional energy counter offers answers and solutions to these issues.

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24. Metabolic

Metabolic’s overarching mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state. Metabolic advises governments, companies, and NGOs on how to adapt to a rapidly changing global context while creating disruptive solutions that can drastically change the functioning of the economy.

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25. Nudge

The Nudge company is for anyone who wants to work for a better and cleaner world. Nudge supports initiatives from the start with which they want to realize sustainable changes. The focus is mainly on changing the behavior of individuals and companies.

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26. Impact Hub

Known as one of the world’s largest networks dedicated to building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale, Impact Hub is the home of innovators. In short, the group that creates achievable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

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27. Yoni

The sustainable company Yoni has many great ideas. Ideas about women’s empowerment in a green, sustainable world. Together they ethically conduct their business and are opposed to chemicals in products.

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28. Sustainable Appareal Coalition

The tools this company uses measures the environmental, social and labor impact throughout the value chain. With this data, the industry can tackle inefficiencies, resolve harmful practices and achieve the environmental and social transparency that we as consumers demand.

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29. Greenhouse Innovation

Using social sciences, empirical research and the power of Strategic Imagination, GreenHouse Innovation helps their clients drive innovation by unlocking the hidden value within their organizations.

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30. Greenpeace

The world-renowned Greenpeace strives for a world that runs on clean energy, with rich forests, sustainable agriculture and oceans full of life. By means of research, they uncover abuses and consult with governments and companies about solutions. The theme of sustainability is very important to us.

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31. Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank contributes to reducing food waste and the production of cleaner energy, and supporting art that inspires and builds bridges. The mission is to make their clients’ money work for positive social, environmental and cultural change.

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32. Enviu

Enviu believes in an economy that serves people and the environment. And in the power of impact-driven entrepreneurship to get everyone there. Together with partners, they build companies that address social and environmental issues and drive failing markets to a new standard. In short, they build companies that change the world.

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33. Outside Inc.

At Outside Inc. it is believed that innovation cannot be achieved just like that, but is the result of long-term dedicated effort, utilizing the core capabilities and qualities of an organization. This way, organizations are able to create sustainable change, resilient, future-proof organizations, and new forms of impactful entrepreneurship.

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34. NLC – The health tech venture

This sustainable company focused on entrepreneurship is concerned with building new companies that all have a cleaner world as their goal. Their motto is: “Together we build businesses every day and promote the health of patients all over the world.”

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35. Enact

The vision at Enact is sustainable, global development, in which the business community is a responsible engine. Their mission is to help companies become more successful in achieving their overall business goals by acting more responsibly, earning the trust and reputation of consumers.

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36. Green essentials

At Green Essentials the objective is as follows; switching the whole of the Netherlands to sustainable, clean products for the home. For this company, products that are 100% animal-friendly, the partners they work with have maximum sustainability and packaging has maximum recyclability. They also believe that the products are of the highest quality in use, fragrance, softness, and power in cleaning.

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37. The Green Branch

This sustainable company is engaged in projects related to reforestation in Brazil. The goal is to store CO2 in this way and then offer it to companies and individuals.

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38. De Groene Grachten

At the Groene Grachten, advice is given on the opportunities for energy saving, generation, and circularity in and around heritage. The company supervises projects in the implementation and provides training, workshops, and lectures. They also develop knowledge platforms and coordinate area-specific approaches.

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39. SkyNRG

SkyNRG’s mission is to create a sustainable future for aviation by increasing the scale of production and use of SAF. the sources of SkyNRG , blend and distribute SAF. Also, they have supplied over 35 airlines on all continents. They also guarantee sustainability within the supply chain, and the creation of innovative models to cover the price premium. Simultaneously, SkyNRG develops production plants and recently announced DSL-01, Europe’s first dedicated SAF production plant. Cool right?

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