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2018: Our year in numbers

2018 has been everything, except boring. Tokyo saw a robot named Michihito Matsuda run for mayor. While it still lost,

2017-cover-end-of-year - blog

2017: Our year in numbers

2017 has been one cra-zy year: the inauguration of Donald Trump, Jeff Bezos overtook Bill Gates as the richest man

never too old for prom night -

Never too old for prom night

Last week was the 49th AGR Student Recruitment Conference, held in the surprisingly “adventurous” city of Brighton, or what can

2016: Our year in numbers

2016 has been a crazy year: Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the release of Zoolander 2 (“really?!”). As

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You’ve been invited to apply

We’ve developed a new feature that lets companies easily and quickly reach out to top candidates for their opportunities. At

Hello Britain has crossed the North Sea! As of today, we are live in the UK with a beta version of