Vind het juiste talent op

Tips for hiring interns

Are you looking to hire an intern, or multiple interns, but have no idea on how to go about this? No worries, we’ve got you! Below we have compiled a list with techniques you can use to attract interns to your company. Good luck!

1. Show your company culture with photos and video

When applying to internships, Gen Z and millennials find company culture to be very important. So make sure to add photos and video to your company page to show what it’s really like to work at your company. 

It’s also important to be able to give potential interns a sneak peak into how the office looks, what kind of things you do together as a team and to display what’s important to the company in terms of company culture.

2. Avoid unclear and cliché job descriptions 

It’s important to write job descriptions that are clear and to the point. How? Use a catchy job title and then continue to give a step-by-step explanation of who you are looking for, what the company is like, what responsibilities the job includes and which growth opportunities the applicant can expect. 

3. Communicate about internship compensation

The main reason why students want to do an internship is to learn and gain work experience. However, the (height of the) compensation they receive for their internship also always plays a role in their decision whether or not to apply. So always make sure you add this when posting the job on Otherwise you risk missing out on applications.

4. Get your job opportunity with the right people

A promoted job slot is what will help you reach the right talent for your internship. It will not increase the number of people that see the opportunity, but also allows you to target the people that are exactly right for your company. You’ll see that this will lead to more likes and applications.

5. Respond to likes

When approaching a like on your internship opportunity, the chances of that message leading to an application is 10x higher than when approaching some that has not (yet) liked your job opportunity. Take advantage of this by responding to all your job likes!