Interview Anna Begeer – General Management Trainee at Eurofins

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Explore the world of Eurofins through the eyes of Anna Begeer. As a General Management Trainee at Eurofins, Anna finds herself immersed in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, where she tackles multiple high-impact projects. Learn more as she shares her experiences with her day-to-day responsibilities, the dynamic work environment, and what it takes to succeed as a General Management Trainee.

What is your full name, role at Eurofins and how long have you been working here?

My name is Anna Begeer, and I’ve been working at Eurofins as a General Management Trainee since January 2022.

What did you do before starting at Eurofins?

My education started in Delft, where I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Life Science & Technology at TU Delft and Leiden University. During my studies, I had various part-time jobs and completed a six-month internship at a biotech company in Rotterdam. This company developed new diagnostic algorithms for healthcare applications, which I found very interesting.This led me to pursue my Master’s degree at Imperial College in London, specializing in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology.

What is it like being a General Management Trainee?

As a General Management Trainee at Eurofins, you are faced with the challenge of working on multiple high-impact projects. Senior management plays a crucial role in mentoring you, while you also benefit from an extensive training program. The significant level of responsibility you are entrusted with allows you to learn a lot and make a substantial impact within a short amount of time.

Every day is different at Eurofins. Just last week, I was in Ireland with a few colleagues, working on process optimization in the lab. We constantly identified issues and came up with solutions for implementation. Earlier this week, I started a new project at Eurofins Analytico in Barneveld. I’m actively involved in a large IT project to ensure that a new system goes live in a few months. Currently, my schedule is packed with brainstorming sessions involving key stakeholders, which will serve as the foundation for developing a comprehensive plan.

What is your experience in working for Eurofins?

Eurofins is a large company that fosters extensive collaboration with international colleagues, yet it comprises distinct local units. This makes it possible to quickly and effectively respond locally, which makes the company unique. As a Management Trainee, this dynamic environment allows you to achieve remarkable progress within a short span of time. This international aspect also offers opportunities to carry out projects abroad and gain a broader perspective within the company.

Furthermore, I think it’s great that at Eurofins we are constantly working towards promoting a safer and healthier world through testing. This mission brings people within the company closer together because we stand behind our work. This generates energy and motivation, which is evident in the dedication with which people approach their work.

What had you wanted to know before you started working in your role?

Eurofins is a very ambitious company where a lot of change and movement takes place in a short amount of time. As a General Management Trainee, it is therefore important that you are proactive and dare to take initiative quickly. You also need to be assertive. I have noticed that with the right mindset and drive, you can make significant progress rapidly at Eurofins and be taken seriously right away.

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize that there is no need to fear making mistakes, even when you feel a significant level of responsibility. We encourage the exploration of new ideas and accept that occasional mistakes are inevitable – we learn from this and move forward again.

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