Interview Pooja Karthik – Junior Structural Engineer at Ampelmann

Reading time: 4 minutes

Are you eager to kickstart your engineering career? In this interview series we chatted with a group of talented engineers employed at prominent companies in the industry, including Vattenfall, Ampelmann, and Eurofins.

In this interview, we’ll introduce you to Pooja Karthik, a Junior Structural Engineer at Ampelmann. Pooja will provide you with an insider’s perspective on working at Ampelmann, also highlighting what sets it apart as an employer. She’ll share her experiences and give you a glimpse into the life of a Junior Structural Engineer. Get ready to gain valuable insights and get motivated to work in the field of engineering!

What is your full name, role at Ampelmann and how long have you been working here?

My name is Pooja Karthik, and I’ve been working as a Junior Structural Engineer at Ampelmann for the past 11 months.

What did you do before starting at Ampelmann?

I studied for a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering at TU Delft. After completing my degree, I worked as a Graduate Structural Engineer at Royal HaskoningDHV for a year before starting my current position at Ampelmann.

By choosing the track of structural mechanics at TU Delft, I acquired relevant technical knowledge in the theoretical approach to mechanics of structures. During my internship at Tata Steel for R&D, I conducted structural integrity analysis of vacuum tubes and applied both my theoretical and practical understanding of structural concepts to a product-driven project.

Working as a Junior Structural Engineer at Ampelmann has further enhanced my skills in structural concepts and expanded my knowledge in multi-disciplinary engineering. This experience is particularly valuable for product development in walk-to-work solutions in offshore environments.

How are you experiencing your role so far?

For the past 11 months, I have worked on 3 projects, and it has grown my learning curve exponentially. So far, my role as a Junior Structural Engineer has led me to collaborate with engineers from other backgrounds like Mechanical, Systems & Control to ideate and develop a product. The role also has given me exposure towards different stages of product development.

What is your experience in working for Ampelmann?

Every day at Ampelmann is unique, and so are the tasks at hand. It is a fast-paced and young company and that is something I appreciate about Ampelmann. Working here is unique because of the scope of work it has to offer its employees. Since it is a product development and an offshore operations company, working on a system from its concept to its testing phase in Innovations, or working in Operations gives you the opportunity to see a product develop fully from the beginning until the end, giving closure and satisfaction to the work.

What would you have wanted to know before you started working in your role?

The importance of adopting a practical approach when addressing problems. Effective problem-solving demands a solid foundation in both theory and practice. Given my academic background, I had limited exposure to practical experiences. Fortunately, Ampelmann provides me with the opportunity to acquire those skills and offers room for growth in that regard.

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