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The 5 best study places in Newcastle

Finding the best study places in Newcastle around exam season is critical to getting away from all distractions and getting your head into the books. 

Staying in the Phillip Robinson library for hours each day can be, say the least, tedious. In the library, you are surrounded by other stressed to the max students, all eating the same overpriced cheese and mayo panini will drive anyone crazy – especially when hungover. 

The only solution, in our eyes, is to find you a study place in Newcastle that will make you truly feel comfortable, chilled and productive.

Study place 1: Flat Caps Coffee

Okay, for any student, a cute, cosy, indie-styled cafe is apparently very important to be super productive. This cafe is like no other in Newcastle. Why? Well, there aren’t many study places that boast such a stylish urban design and chilled atmosphere… perfect for those Instagram stories of you revising. 

The Flat Caps Coffee, is designed for remote workers and students around revision periods. The baristas are very accommodating, there are plenty of plug outlets (so you don’t have to fight that exchange student who speaks very little English for the last outlet). 

 9-11 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF

Flat Caps Coffee study places Newcastle

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Study place 2: Camber Coffee

Secret location no.2 is located just above a bike store, ‘Start Bicycles’ on Grainger Street. This study place is perfect for those students who like to revise in a place not many know about. 

As a study place in Newcastle, Camber Coffee cafe sells great coffee and what’s more healthy snacks for some brain fuel… that and pigging out so close to the beach season is never a good idea. Highly irresponsible. 

The cafe is styled with old bus seats that have been recycled into sofas, perfect for some revising. Or seat next to the window and watch the world go by at the view of the streets of Newcastle… Because you have nothing better to do, other than revise. 

33-35 Market St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6JE

Camber Coffee study places Newcastle

Study place 3: Quayside Seaside

Ever wish you were just on the beach? Sitting back, taking in the rays of sunshine with a cold beer instead of at a desk staring at Friedrich Nietzsche’s book on Beyond Good and Evil / On the Genealogy of Morals… even though you study a Liberal Arts degree and this book isn’t on the recommended reading or anything to do with your degree. 

Well, if you are going to waste time reading a great philosophical book, nothing to do with your degree, then do it surrounded by great scenic views that Newcastle offers. Then head to the Quayside Seaside. 

This pop-up beach is loaded with comfy desk chairs, sand and palm trees (it’s not tacky, despite what some might say). You’ll feel like you are revising on the shores of the Maldives while you sit on a pop-up beach in the North of England (student life am I right?!). 

The reason this study place is a favourite for many students in Newcastle is that it has a beachside bar, serving everything from halloumi fries to mojitos… the perfect reward for a full hours revision! 

Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DH

Quayside Seaside study places Newcastle

Study place 4: Good Old Quilliam’s

It goes without saying that The Quilliam Brothers cafe is the most chilled cafe around Newcastle. 

As a study place goes in Newcastle, this hip cafe lets you swap the dingy library chairs for comfortable chairs with pillows. No old librarians who are as ancient as the books on the shelves, but instead baristas who only 2 years ago were studying for the same exam as you. 

You have the choice to sit underground or stay up top in the chilled cafe. Either way, it’s your call when you are eating some raspberry frangipane when you ought to be catching up on 10 lectures first. 

Claremont Buildings, 1 Eldon Place, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RD

Good Old Quilliam’s study places Newcastle

Study place 5: The Quay Ingredient

Fancy a nice view while you try to recall facts on your cue cards and what modules you selected at the start of the year? Then the Quay Ingredient is the perfect study space for a chilled spot for a chilled revision session. 

This trendy cafe will sort you out through the day with a full English fry up to lunches and late breakfasts (if you woke up at 2 pm) to give you some energy. 

4 Queen St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3UG

The Quay Ingredient study places Newcastle

Those were the top 5 best study places in Newcastle. 

Wouldn’t it be cool to have something like the Exam Prep Cafe in Newcastle? It was a true study hall where students could study for a week with free Red Bull, free good coffee, free study snacks and, no joke, free massages to massage away the study stress. Sounds pretty nice right?