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Interview |Robin van Heesch, Junior Data Consultant at Dux Group

Are you considering a career in data & technology? Then understanding the personal journeys of those who have embarked on similar paths can be insightful. In this interview, we meet Robin van Heesch, a junior data consultant at DUX Group since May 2022. Robin elaborates on her experience with DUX Group and discusses how she became part of the organization. She delves into the specifics of her role within the company and narrates the academic and professional journey that has brought her to her current position.

What did you do before starting at the company?

I started my bachelor’s degree in Finance & Control in 2015 at the Avans University of Applied Science in Breda. During my bachelor’s degree, I had an internship at the municipality of Tilburg and Amarant Group. In My fourth year of Finance & Control I studied abroad at TAMK University of Applied Science in Tampere, Finland. After I got my bachelors degree, I studied at Tilburg University for a masters degree in Data Science & Society. During my entire student life, I was a member of a sorority in Tilburg where I held various board positions. I have been chairwomen, but also treasurer and secretary.

How are you experiencing your role so far?

What I like about my role as a junior consultant at DUX Group, is that it is not only focused on your main consultant assignment. There is also a lot of attention for self-development. Because DUX offers various courses/training, you can continue developing in your working field, or personal profession. 

DUX also provides smaller projects you can have with other consultants from DUX Group. Personally, I really like this. By working together on projects you can get to know your colleagues better, see each other more often and learn a lot from each other. You get a lot of freedom, and gain a lot of skills because the responsibility for tackling these projects lies within the consultants. 

Because of all the opportunities DUX offers, every working week is different and full of possibilities.

What is your experience in working for the company?

We are working with a group of young professionals. Almost everyone has just graduated and you can feel that energy in the office. Everyone is motivated to do their best in their consultant assignment and interesting projects. But as colleagues, we can also laugh with each other, have a drink together, go on ski trips, and just enjoy our work. This balance is very good. We work hard, but there is also a lot of attention for relaxation.

I also really like the personal attention you get at DUX Group. When you get a new assignment, your personal qualities and wishes are really taken into account. This results in a pleasant working atmosphere because everyone does something that appeals to him or her.

What had you wanted to know before you started working in your role? 

After completing my master’s degree, I realized that I hadn’t acquired all the necessary knowledge in the field of data. I was concerned that obtaining my diploma might lead me to stop learning and focus solely on gaining practical experience. However, thanks to the multitude of training programs and courses provided by DUX, I have continuous opportunities to enhance my understanding of data. This ensures that I am consistently gaining new knowledge in the field, even beyond my practical experiences.

In addition, I expected that I would have a lot less freedom compared to my student days. However, this expectation has proven to be quite the opposite. In my current role, I enjoy a considerable amount of freedom and flexibility. If I had been aware of this earlier, I would have been even more enthusiastic about commencing my professional career.


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