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Interview | Ramyaa Khan, Consultant Process and Information Management at Dux Group

The pursuit of a professional path is frequently a narrative of transformation and self-discovery, where individuals embark on a journey to not only build their careers but also uncover new aspects of themselves. To shed light on what motivates and directs early-career professionals, we’ve conducted insightful interviews with individuals who are navigating their career paths in diverse industries.

Meet Ramyaa Khan, a consultant in process and information management at Dux since December of last year. Take a closer look at her educational background and professional journey as she unfolds her experiences as a consultant at Dux Group.

What did you do before starting at Dux Group?

Prior to joining Dux, I earned my Master’s degree in Digital Business and Innovation. Following my studies, I embarked on a two-year journey as an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Developer and Consultant. During this period, I collaborated with esteemed clients, including TU Delft and Nationale Nederlanden, refining my skills in process optimization and innovative automation solutions. This professional background provided me with a strong foundation, enabling me to contribute effectively to the projects here at Dux.

How are you experiencing your role so far?

Working across multiple projects provides a dynamic and varied experience, something I enjoy. The diversity keeps me engaged, from conducting sessions explaining the importance of tools like dashboards for insights, to collaborating with data analysts on validations. I interact with a range of clients and stakeholders. Each day presents a new challenge, from guiding clients in different phases of their projects to learning from these diverse experiences.

One day, I might assist a client already deep into their project, while on another, I help one in its early stages. This variety allows me to adapt and guide clients effectively. Moreover, I cherish the flexibility of my role. The role’s versatility means there’s no ‘typical’ week; each day brings something different. Some projects are still in the experimental phase, requiring us to innovate and design solutions collaboratively. Figuring out how to structure and manage the complexities that arise is both intellectually stimulating and rewarding. In essence, my role offers a balance of challenge and learning, and I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities to contribute to our clients’ success.

What is your experience in working for Dux Group?

I deeply appreciate the freedom and encouragement I receive at Dux. The environment here thrives on open dialogue, enabling me to voice my ideas and preferences freely. It’s a vibrant community with a mix of youth and experience, fostering a collaborative environment. Everyone is incredibly approachable, always willing to make time for you and support one another. 

Moreover, what truly sets Dux apart is its positive atmosphere, it encourages open communication, ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. The company’s commitment to fostering a healthy work-life balance and encouraging professional growth further enhances the overall experience. Dux not only values its employees’ contributions but also invests in their personal and professional development, making it a great place to work.

What had you wanted to know before you started working in your role? 

For aspiring students, I’d emphasize the importance of curiosity and adaptability. In our rapidly changing field, being open to continuous learning and new challenges is key. Also, understanding the business side is crucial. It’s not just about technical proficiency but also about aligning solutions with organizational goals. Embrace diverse perspectives, and never underestimate the power of networking. Stay curious, be resilient, and don’t hesitate to explore unconventional paths. Strive for a holistic understanding; it will set you apart in the competitive landscape of our industry.

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