Breaking into Energy Tech: Siddarth's Journey with Samsung Climate Solutions

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Meet Siddarth Uppili Raghavan, a Presales Trainee at Samsung Climate Solutions. Originally from Singapore, Siddarth completed his master's in Sustainable Innovation at TU Eindhoven. Finding a job was tough as Siddarth was very much focused on breaking into the field of energy technology, but employers didn't see the immediate value of a Sustainability graduate compared to a Software Scientist, Electrical Engineer, or MBA.

However, his career path took a positive turn when he connected with Samsung Climate Solutions through They saw his potential and offered him a role that combines his sustainability expertise with real-world energy solutions. Read our interview to see how Siddarth turned challenges into successes, discover his exciting projects, and get tips for your own career path.

How did you search for your first job, and what was your experience like?

My job search was tough, in The Netherlands. People weren’t sure what a Sustainability Graduate Student can offer their company unlike a Software Scientist/ Electrical Engineer or someone with an MBA. 

The truth is, I had to wade through a lot of rejections, and it was often seeming like I should go the product or project management route and then eventually end up in my preferred field. However, helped identify opportunities that are very much tech-oriented and that were looking for engineers and those who were otherwise overlooked because of not having a traditional degree.

Can you tell me more about the traineeship

A major project I was able to conceptualize and create from the ground up: I was able to bring my experience in Sustainability, especially in PV systems, and combine that with the Heat Pumps that we are selling.  

This is important to me as I was given immediate ownership of a project and was allowed the time and space to figure it out and develop results that were directly applicable and usable by SEACE.

For example: I was able to develop a testbed to showcase energy savings to different stakeholders and validate/verify against any product claims. That would be my proudest achievement in the Traineeship so far

How does this traineeship contribute to your personal and professional development?

I think this traineeship shows me how different departments collaborate to launch products, set targets, and ensure sales growth in a structured and trusted manner. 

Also, I learned from the people working that any position values self-starters and you have to just go for it and not wait for the top-down direction from your team leader/manager.

Also, it set the tone for the type of professional and technical skills I would need to develop to grow in the field of Home Energy Solutions.

Why is Samsung Climate Solutions a good fit for you? What made you decide to apply for the traineeship?

I decided to apply for the Samsung Climate Solutions Traineeship for several reasons. First, the technical roles available require daily application of fundamental technical skills. Second, the company's unique integration of technology with sales allows me to see how these basic skills contribute to new product development and revenue generation. Third, and most importantly, the people at Samsung are the key draw. The team is kind, caring, and welcoming, yet they maintain a high level of professionalism, effectiveness, and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, they are incredibly supportive, always willing to take time out of their busy schedules to listen and offer assistance.

How do you see your future, either within Samsung or outside the company? 

I see my future within Samsung as building and leading the Home Energy Solutions, when you combine HVAC with other DA appliances to optimize energy savings and ensure the carbon footprint of Samsung is driven to Net Zero.

What advice would you give to students who are just starting their careers?

Be relentless, be unafraid despite the uncertainty, and don’t settle for anything less than what you want. Also, take a chance and venture into fields adjacent to your studies as you can create your unique position in those fields. Lastly, as generic as it sounds, just be open to learning new things. The only gap you have to bridge is the access to the right type of information and doing the thing a couple of times.

If you want to learn more about Samsung Climate Solutions or stay updated about the career opportunities within the company, connect with them on via this link.