Behind the scenes with Job Davidse, junior consultant at Emixa

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Are you (almost) graduated and eager to start your career as a consultant at a major organization? We sat down with Job Davidse, who works as a junior consultant at Emixa. In this interview, he shares how he landed this challenging role, what his daily life as a consultant looks like and how Emixa facilitates both professionals and personal growth. He also offers some valuable tips for students about to enter the job market.

The road to becoming a junior consultant at Emixa

With 530 employees across Europe, Emixa is a significant player in digital transformation. The organization specializes in management consulting, lifecycle management, and the organization, construction, and implementation of digital systems for the manufacturing industry.

Before joining Emixa, Job worked for over two years as a recruitment consultant, a role closely related to his studies in Applied Cognitive Psychology. During his master’s program, his interest in technology grew. “I gained experience in process modeling and explored various low-code programs in my free time. This eventually led me to switch to a role focused on the Mendix application.”

“I learn something new every day. This keeps my work enjoyable and helps me grow within my role.”

Job found his way to Emixa through a tip from a friend who already worked there. “I felt a good connection during my first interview, and it’s only gotten better since.”

What does a junior consultant at Emixa do?

According to Job, a junior consultancy role at Emixa is full of exciting challenges. “Currently, I’m working with a client that specializes in telecommunications networks. They receive requests from the provider, apply for permits, handle the engineering, and manage the civil and executive aspects. It’s a vast and complex process.”

Job and his team are building an application to streamline this process, a significant task where he gains new experiences every day.

How does Emixa support employee development?

Emixa places a strong emphasis on both professional and personal development. Every consultant is assigned a people manager who actively supports your growth. Within projects, there’s a lot of attention to personal development opportunities, with your project manager assisting you.

Emixa also offers a wide range of internal and external training programs. You can take training courses based on your own preferences, allowing you to shape your own growth path. “So far, my experience has been that I learn something new every day,” says Job. “This keeps my work enjoyable and helps me grow within my role.”

Job's advice for students entering the job market

“After my studies, I realized I had a lot to learn about teamwork,” Job shares. “Proactivity is really the key here. Try to think ahead in your collaborations—especially at the start of your career. This proactive attitude will benefit you throughout your career. And last but not least: choose a workplace that aligns with your values. That’s by far the most important thing.”

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