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Our story and mission

We founded Magnet.me in 2012. Back then, we were still in university and experienced that exploring what career opportunities were out there and getting a first job was pretty difficult. We only got in contact with a handful of (big) companies and instead of getting a good insights into (all our) potential employers, we were swamped by massive and generic messaging (yes, SPAM).

That is why we started out with Magnet.me and made exploring and unlocking the professional potential of students and graduates (without the ** BS **) our mission.

We aim to do that by enabling our users to explore potential employers, connect with them, discover their career opportunities and get hired for their dream internship, placement or job - whether at a big multinational or a start-up that just got off the ground.

At the same time, we want to enable every organisation, big or small, to attract the talent they need to reach their goals.

What is Magnet.me?

Magnet.me is an online network that enables students and graduate employers to connect with each other in an easy, direct and personal way.

How does it work?

A student creates a profile and is automatically provided with all the jobs and companies they match with. Only when a student decides to connect with a company, it can view his/her profile, send him/her a personal message or a direct invitation to apply for an opportunity.

Connections 3m+
Students 150k+
Companies 1.5k+
New connections/day 30k

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