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Our story and mission

We launched Magnet.me in 2012 to solve a problem that we experienced as students ourselves: that it is hard to find a job you love. Traditional job sites are full of spam, not user friendly and only used by big companies with big recruitment budgets. All this makes looking for a job very time-consuming and complicated.

Since our launch, we have been on a mission to make it easier to find a job you love or the talent you need for your organisation. Not just because a job earns you a living, but because having a job you genuinely love affects you in countless ways. It leads to a happier and more fulfilling life.

For employers, whether a startup or multinational, talent is the fuel on which an organization runs. That means that access to talent is not just a nice-to-have, but a must-have for every business that wants to succeed.

What is Magnet.me?

Magnet.me is an innovative online careers network for students and young professionals with up to 7 years of work experience. It enables you to find the right internship, traineeship or job and directly connect with over 5,000 employers. Simultaneously, Magnet.me allows employers to easily discover and find qualified applicants for their internships and jobs.

Magnet.me is the biggest job site for students and young professionals in the Netherlands and is also active in the United Kingdom.

How does it work?

After creating a profile, job seekers can like, ignore and apply to jobs. Our machine learning algorithm uses their likes and ignores to improve the job recommendations they receive as you continue to use Magnet.me. On the other hand, employers no longer create old school - web 1.0 - text based job ads, but rich job and company pages with photos and video. Magnet.me has its own photo- and videographers to capture a company's office, people and culture. This results in applications of a higher quality, as job seekers apply for the jobs at companies with whom they are more likely to have a cultural fit. To receive even more applications, recruiters can approach people who have liked their jobs, which makes them on average 10 times more effective than doing cold reach outs.

Employers can post their recruitment events, internships and jobs on Magnet.me for free. This way, our users can find all opportunities out there. Even the ones from employers that have smaller recruitment budgets, like startups and SMEs. Employers also have the option to promote their jobs for more reach among their target audience.

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