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Interview Tara Frantzen  – HR-officer/assistant at NN Group

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at a leading financial company? Meet Tara Frantzen, HR assistant at NN Group, who offers a glimpse into the daily life at NN Group. Learn about her day-to-day activities and experiences, and discover what sets working at NN Group apart from the rest.

What did you do before joining NN Group?

“I began my HRM studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in 2018. My first internship was at Randstad as a recruiter, which was entirely online due to COVID-19—a situation I found disappointing because it just wasn’t the same as an in-person internship. In 2022, I started my graduation internship at NN Group, where I worked for ten months in the Career Centre, supporting recruitment for the traineeship program. I gained a lot of knowledge from that experience.

Additionally, I focused a lot on the employee experience (onboarding), which was also the subject of my academic research. NN Group needed a new onboarding program, so we investigated various interactive programs with several external companies. Participating in the development of an appropriate onboarding strategy was inspiring and offered me a lot of insights.”

What’s it like to be an HR officer?

“My responsibilities are varied. I’m part of the HR&IC team at NN Bank, assisting the HR director and supporting the communication specialists. I manage schedules, coordinate onboarding, and help organize events like the 12.5-year anniversary of NN Bank, held at the Maassilo for all employees—a huge success! Additionally, I’m involved in various projects and trajectories within the bank. For instance, I support our Leadership trajectory, which involves a lot of planning, like scheduling meetings with project groups. All this work makes my job very diverse.”

What’s it like working at NN Group?

“Working at NN is fantastic because of the diversity and flexibility. I really enjoy the ability to work from home, a freedom we’re afforded at NN. But I also love the times with my team in the office. I value my team’s dedication and NN’s culture, where everyone works hard to achieve their goals. The diversity policy, which makes no distinction based on gender, sex, color, or origin, is something I personally find very important.”

How did you end up at NN Group?

“My graduation internship at NN gave me a deep understanding of the organization. I learned about NN’s values: Clear, Care, Commit. I experience these values every day. Diversity and inclusivity are central, something I highly value and see as an example for other organizations.”

Do you have any advice for students and starters looking for their first job?

“Focus on what you enjoy and where your passion lies. Use that as a basis to find a suitable job.”

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