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IT internships

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IT internship

Are you looking for an IT internship? Then is the right place for you to start looking. Here you will find a comprehensive list of IT internships that are currently open for applications.

What is an IT internship?

The digitalisation of companies has led to increased demand for IT interns, which means that there are usually a lot of IT internships available. There are as many as there are different IT internships. Some involve data management, others involve coding and software development. So make sure you read the job description well, so you know what kind of IT internship you are applying to!

IT graduation internships

Are you a student looking for an IT graduation internship? Then take a look at this list of opportunities for IT graduation internships.

English IT internships

Are you an international student looking for an IT internship in the Netherlands? At many international organisations, start-ups and scale-ups, employees speak English at the office. These organisations often offer IT internships in English. Let us put it this way: It’s more important that you speak Java and React, than Dutch ;).

Companies that offer IT internships

  1. KPMG
  2. Chipsoft
  3. Vattenfall
  4. ATOS NL
  5. Bunq

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What are the most popular companies for IT jobs?

Which companies have the highest number of open IT vacancies?

The companies with the highest number of IT vacancies are

  1. Ordina (273)
  2. Accenture (123)
  3. Cegeka (110)
  4. DEPT® (97)
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