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Why you should do an internship in Amsterdam

Why should you do an internship in Amsterdam?… Hmm, where do I begin?

The Netherlands, the country of tulips, is a very pleasant place to be. Especially for people from the UK. It has a lot of similarities, such as a lot of water – both under the form of canals and rain. Oh, the rain…

That aside, here are some of the benefits of doing an internship in Amsterdam.

1. Amsterdam is a beautiful and dynamic city

This is not a benefit for everybody but in general, you are never going to be bored if you live in Amsterdam. Especially, if you are an intern in Amsterdam and you also live in Amsterdam, you will have many fun late Friday nights out with the team.

2. Amsterdam offers a great variety of (cultural) things to do

Amsterdam is visited by millions of people every year and is highly touristic, which means it needs a lot of activities that will entertain those people (except any green-related action). From the many museums at Museumplein, where you have to take the infamous photo at the IAmsterdam letters.

To the red light district that takes over some of the city.

You can see the Mona Lisa, go in the Madame Tussauds or simply visit Anne Frank’s house.

3. Many HQs of large (and small) companies are located in Amsterdam

If you like to explore the business side of things in your free time, you will be very happy to be doing an internship in Amsterdam. You will be surrounded by people working for giants like Booking.com, Google, PVH (Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger), Nike, L’Oreal and many more. So the learning curve can be as steep as you want it to be.

4. Everybody still speaks English!

Even if you try to learn Dutch, the locals will most probably immediately switch the conversation with you to English just so that you are not struggling. On the other hand, if you tell them that you are trying to learn “Nederlands”, they will fully support you.

Interning in Amsterdam should feel great also because there is a huge expat community here. There are so many students that come to the Netherlands for their university degrees, that you will be surrounded by internationals.

5. A great connection point for everything

In case pat of your internship in Amsterdam is to travel to clients or business partners across the world or across the country, that is fairly easy.

Public transportation in the Netherlands is amazing. And there are all kinds of trains that connect you to anywhere, even international ones to Germany, Paris, and Brussels.

There is no other city that is so adapted to bikes. So if you like to bike (and keep yourself fit), you will find it a great means to get to the office in the morning.

You can also hop on a plane a go visit your friends in the UK or fly to NY to your company’s other location from Amsterdam Airport.

In conclusion, the benefits of doing an internship in Amsterdam definitely outweigh the costs. You should consider, however, that rent in the city center is very expensive. So do not overlook that bike comment up there and find yourself a cozy place in the suburbs.

A great advantage you’ll have is working with some bright minds in your company. Dutch employers look for someone that is willing to learn because they are willing to teach and grow your skills.

You can find the most recent internships in Amsterdam on Magnet.me, of course, and directly send a message to the employers.