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Equalture is a pre-selection technology to prevent you from making a bad hire ever again.8NLRotterdamGovernment of Rotterdam
  1. Over Equalture BV

    Over Equalture BV

    Equalture is a Dutch HR SaaS startup, founded in 2017 by twin sisters Charlotte and Fleur, because they believed the recruitment market should change radically. Our pre-selection technology helps you selecting the best applicant for the job and your company by predicting an applicant’s potential. Based on experience, personality and skills.

    Our vision:

    Evaluating applicants based on a resume is outdated, incomplete and only focused on a bunch of jobs or degrees in the past. There’s so much more information applicants can provide you with that’s actually valuable – such as personality, cognitive skills and intelligence – because it tells you more about an applicant’s potential. It’s time for the recruitment market to wake up, embrace data and technology and stop basing hiring decisions purely on gut feeling and bias. Just to make sure you will never make a bad hire again.

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  3. How Equalture was born.

    How Equalture was born.

    '' When me and my Co-Founder Fleur came up with the idea of Equalture — a pre-employment matching technology — we wanted to conquer three main hiring challenges for companies. Why? Because we were frustrated.

    At the time we came up with this idea we were running a successful recuitment agency for one and a half year — and we still do. At all of our clients — big or small, large HR departments or small ones, finance or healthcare — we experienced the same struggles when searching for and hiring new colleagues.

    Keen to hear more about how we translated our frustrations into a technology? Let's chat!

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