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ACT Commodities
ACT Commodities is a global leader in trading energy and environmental commodities.115NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. Over ACT Commodities

    ACT Commodities is a global leader in trading environmental commodities. Founded in 2009 as one of the first companies to pursue this market, we are now one of the largest specialized trading firms in the fields of carbon emissions, biofuels, renewable energy, and energy efficiency, on a global scale. This is complemented with widespread activity in the oil and petroleum markets, which expand our scope covering the intertwined world of energy and fuel commodities. ACT Commodities operates out of both Amsterdam and New York.

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  3. Vision


    ACT Commodities is a global trading company with an open-minded attitude, collaborative work culture and broad portfolio of environmental commodities and fuels products. Conceived to facilitate the new trading opportunities which emerged with introduction of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the company has evolved in line with the diversity of environmental products available.

  4. Capitalize on your talent for trading

    Capitalize on your talent for trading

    As one of the world’s leading companies in the international environmental commodity markets, ACT Commodities offers exciting trading career opportunities to those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

    You don’t have to be a commodities expert to start here, but you do need to possess the ambition and drive to become one. If you’ve got the temperament to succeed in our dynamic and complex market, we’ll give you the knowledge and support that helps realize your trading career potential.

    A world of opportunity
    ACT Commodities employees work within a multi-national team with access to possibly the most diverse product portfolio on the planet. We welcome new ideas for expanding our business and our non-hierarchal structure gives you freedom to thrive on your own initiatives. If you have great ideas, we’ll support you in acting upon them.

    Our winning formula
    ACT Commodities employees enjoy a friendly, collegial and collaborative working environment, where the sum of our personal strengths is a formidable force. By assisting, encouraging and celebrating each other’s successes, we are all inspired to greater individual achievements.

    We’ve got to where we are by employing the right people and treating them well. So if you have the talent to make our team, we’ll ensure you benefit from our winning formula. To facilitate ongoing peak performance, we provide an ongoing wellbeing program that includes personal development coaching, sport & fitness activities and social gatherings.

  5. Learn. Succeed. Celebrate.

    Learn. Succeed. Celebrate.

    “Learn. Succeed. Celebrate.” sums up the experience of working at ACT Commodities. We are all continuously learning, achieving and celebrating together. Each day presents an opportunity for us to reach new heights and gain fresh inspiration.

    Learning at ACT involves deepening knowledge, broadening expertise and furthering personal development, which enables you to make a greater contribution to our collaborative efforts. This, combined with your personal value-add benefits each of your clients as you deliver attentive end-to-end service with ease and confidence.

    Succeeding at ACT is continually expanding your expertise in the dynamic environmental commodities markets. Guided by strategic goals, our traineeship program fast-tracks your career by demonstrating our belief that personal development and satisfaction is as essential to employees’ success as professional skill set.

    Celebrating at ACT is something we do together! Each employee contributes to our company’s success, ensuring everyone is reminded of how individual efforts boost the whole team’s performance.

  6. International Sales & Trading Traineeship

    At ACT Commodities, we believe that investing in raw talent benefits everyone long term. Therefore, all of our new sales traders participate in a personalized Traineeship program. The Traineeship teaches all of our new recruits the knowledge and skills necessary to build a successful trading business. If you succeed, we succeed. From day one we go the extra mile to ensure that success happens throughout your career at ACT Commodities.

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