-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

DevOps Engineer

Geplaatst 19 mei. 2024
1 tot 3 jaar
Full-time / part-time
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As a DevOps Engineer in Integration, you will be responsible for building and supporting standards for our API Management Platform and pipelines. In your team you have a full squad with a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, DevOps Engineers with different scales of seniority and a Solution Architect.

Joining the Rabobank Integration Area, where we believe in leveraging the power of difference. Bringing together people's complementary skills and experiences is what makes us an even better bank. We are part of a tribe called Tech4Engineering and our purpose is to deliver full support for standard services to more than 8.000 engineers all over the globe, so that they can focus on delivering business value. You are responsible for offering Integration services that will exchange millions of data records between systems through APIs, Events, File Transfers and Messaging platforms. You enable other DevOps teams within Rabobank to build, manage and consume their integration services with autonomy by using our self-service features, all built on-site or customised to follow Rabobank Integration Principles and Standards.

Growing a better world together

Working together is the way we work; as one passionate, results-driven, yet fun and energetic team within the Tech4Engineering tribe at Rabobank. Talking of Rabobank: We are a Dutch bank that operates in 38 countries for over 9,500,000 customers. Together with these customers, our members and partners, we stand side by side to create a world in which everyone has access to enough healthy food. In the Netherlands we work to create a country in which people are happy with how they live, work and do business.

You and your job

As a DevOps Engineer API in Integration, you will be part of a hybrid team that focusses on Standards & Governance. We facilitate this through our evolving product portfolios, which consists of “APIM Pipeline Extension”, “Validator API” and “Auditor”. You will also work work closely with the other teams that handle Infra, User Journey and Catalog to ensure all pipelines and automations integrate smoothly.

You make a difference by:

  • Actively supporting other DevOps teams to deploy and manage the life-cycle of their API on our API Management Platform by advising them on individual or group basis and by providing trainings and demo’s on how to use our pipelines and UI interfaces.
  • Seeking opportunities to make your team more efficient by automating recurring work
  • Developing templates for Azure DevOps pipelines and/or extensions in AzureDevOps, so the users of our Platform can deploy their API to our API Management Platforms by themselves.
  • Proactively helping your team to grow in their own Agile way of working.
  • Advising DevOps Teams/engineers regarding best practices for API Management.
  • Making sure that our API landscape follows a good standard and best practice.

With each other

  • We need to be innovative and embrace our Integration Principle and Standards.
  • We encourage ‘bottom up’ decision making, and we offer mechanisms and room for engineers and architects to actively engage with the decisions we make.
  • We GROW by making each other better.

With you

  • A Bachelor or Master degree, preferably in Engineering.
  • You have experience managing an "API Platform" such as Kong, Azure API Management, IBM API Gateway, Apigee or similar.
  • You have experience working in a DevOps role.
  • You know your way around Azure DevOps and have developed Extensions as well as YAML pipelines for CI/CD, Git repos, etc.
  • You have experience with scripting languages, most preferably Typescript.
  • You have experience with creating design documents for applications/systems.
  • You have good understanding of API standards with respect to OAS 3.x.
  • You have understanding and working experience in doing development in a complex and hybrid cloud environment such as Azure and/or AWS, specifically using Azure Functions and Cosmos DB.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with a demonstrated ability to make effective decisions while working through complex system issues.
  • Able to identify and analyse complex problems, identify root cause, provide detailed description and plan, design and deliver workaround/solution.
  • You are a self-starter and have a proactive, agile and strategic mindset.

​This is what we offer you

We are happy to help you achieve this by focusing strongly on your growth, development and investment in an environment where you continue to learn every day. We give you the space to innovate and initiate. In this way, we offer you numerous opportunities to grow and help you exceed your expectations, to do the right exceptionally well and thus to grow as a professional. In addition, you can also expect from us (based on a 36-hour working week):

  • up to € 85.000 gross per year (scale 8) (based on 40 hours depending on knowledge and experience), 36 hours is possible
  • Thirteenth monthly salary and 8% holiday pay
  • use an additional budget of 11% of your gross salary at your own discretion. Buy extra vacation hours, add more to your retirement savings, or ask to pay out a portion of the extra budget.
  • a budget of € 750, setting up your home workspace and a monthly homework allowance of up to € 40, -
  • a personal development budget of € 1,400
  • combination of working from home and in the office
  • 100% reimbursement of commuting costs if you travel by public transport
  • A pension scheme to which you contribute 3.5%
  • 151.2 hours of holiday per year + 1 Diversity Day per year

This is a selection of the employment conditions for a scrum master based on a 36-hour working week.

Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission. Together with our stakeholders, we have been dedicated to creating a future-proof society and tackling major societal challenges for 125 years. In the Netherlands, we serve retail and corporate clients; globally we focus on the food and agriculture sector. Our starting point is: together we can achieve more than we could individually.

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