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  1. Diego Acevedo

    Diego Acevedo

    VP Business Development

    Diego Acevedo is a Colombian born Aruban/Dutch entrepreneur. He is...

  2. Berend Jan Kleute

    Berend Jan Kleute


    Berend Jan Kleute is CTO and co-founder of Bluerise. Berend...

  3. Joost Kirkenier

    Joost Kirkenier

    VP Engineering

    Joost Kirkenier graduated in mechanical engineering at Delft University with...

  4. Remi Blokker

    Remi Blokker


    Remi Blokker is CEO and co-founder of Bluerise. Remi also...

  5. Anne-Marije Zwerver

    Anne-Marije Zwerver

    Project Engineer

    After finishing high school in Amsterdam, Anne-Marije (1989) studied both...

  6. Paul Dinnissen

    Paul Dinnissen


    Paul (46) has a strong entrepreneurial background in the IT...

  7. Bram Harmsen

    Bram Harmsen

    Software Developer

    My main responsibility is the further development of the control...

  8. Irene de Sera

    Irene de Sera

    Project Engineer

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