-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Cloud Platform Automation Engineer

Baan Thuiswerken
Geplaatst 7 jul. 2024
1 tot 3 jaar
Full-time / part-time
Soort opleiding
Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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The Cloud Service Automation Developer develops our digital platform and/or help our customers onboarding. The platform is based upon the latest advances in software and infrastructure architecture including Cloud Native development, Infrastructure as Code, Containers and Micro Services movements and related platforms and tools such as API, Kubernetes and thus we expect candidates to be both passionate about and well versed in these critical subjects.

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Your challenges

* Knowledge and experience * Strong Experience with multiple programming languages such as PowerShell, C#, Python, Bicep, Terraform. * Experience working with, and leading, geographically dispersed virtual teams. * Strong experience with automation tools, cloud development. * Strong Hands-on expertise working on CICD pipeline on Cloud management platforms. * Experience with automated build and release management processes for CI/CD. * Experienced in writing automated unit tests along with implementation of functional classes and methods. * Experience performing in small teams or projects a plus. * Experience of cloud administration is a strong plus.

This is what you bring

Technical skills required to perform this role * Proven ability to dynamically prioritize work efforts to meet deadlines and work effectively with minimal supervision in a team environment. * Excellent communications skills, the ability to clearly and simply convey information to stakeholders in a way that is meaningful and that achieves the desired outcome. * Perform Infrastructure as Code, Pipeline Deployments and Automate IT Ops Tasks & Services in Complex Compute Environments * Hands-on experience with cloud environments like Microsoft Azure * Ability to develop solutions to global scale for cloud deployment and consumption * Ability to solve complex problems and performance issues in a distributed environment. * Get the job done mentality even if it requires putting in time outside office hour’s, and ability to interact professionally under pressure with a wide range of customers ranging from end-users to IT staff to management to external service providers. * Ability to analyze situations rigorously, logically, and systematically * Strong exposure to coding expertise with Bicep, C# and PowerShell * Nice to have language competencies such as Python, Ansible, Type script and perform SQL queries Qualifications * At least a bachelor's, and preferably a master’s, in a field such as Computer Science, Information Technology/Security, or Systems Engineering or equivalent experience. * Preferably certifications in Microsoft Azure, Windows Server and Linux

* These criteria are an indication of the profile we are looking for. Research shows that male candidates often apply when they see a 60% match with the profile, while women only apply when they see a 100% match. If you don't meet all the criteria but you do believe that this is the right position for you, we kindly invite you to apply anyway or get in touch.

What will you do in this position?

About KPMG International

Backed by a worldwide partnership of professional services firms, KPMG plays a leading role in a rapidly advancing digital transformation. As the importance and demand of secure technology platforms and consistency ever increases, KPMG has a clear focus on leveraging cloud technologies provided through a Global Technology Platform (“One Platform”) which itself is a tailored and secured implementation of Microsoft Azure. The One Platform will evolve into a multi Cloud environment.KPMG’s Cloud Services is the backbone of the One Platform and the global organizational unit continuously developing and improving the One Platform to provide secure, predictable and flexible service delivery and operations capability. Cloud Services also enables faster business innovation through adoption of cloud services and business agility and reduced time-to-market. Cloud Services is delivering 24/7 with teams operating globally.To enable and foster the value of the One Platform, it requires new ways of working for many parts of the current IT organization. New modern skillsets are required, to run and grow the maturity of the Cloud Services organization with in alignment with ever changing business demands.

About the team

Automation Team is a key player in cloud-based innovation, focusing on delivering long-lasting, customer-focused automation solutions. We prioritize a product-centered mindset, aiming for meaningful business results and excellent customer experiences. Working together, we put customer needs at the heart of everything we do, constantly improving how we work and sharing our best practices. This collaborative effort is essential in creating products that truly meet our customers' needs.

The Automation Team's expertise spans a wide range of areas in infrastructure automation, including provisioning and orchestration, cost management, identity, security, monitoring, analytics, and more. This variety gives the Cloud Service Automation Developer a rich environment for growth and innovation, contributing significantly to our advanced cloud solutions. In this environment, the team is much more than just a part of the process; it's a driving force in how we develop and implement our automation strategies, shaping the future of our cloud services

This is what we offer

  • Competitive salary, a bonus, a fixed expense allowance and a working from home allowance.
  • 30 vacation days (on a full-time basis) and the option to buy more days or sell your vacation days.
  • At KPMG we work hybrid, so you can work from home or at the office.
  • A completely furnished home office.
  • A lease car or mobility allowance
  • A laptop and iPhone which also can be used privately.
  • Pension accrual without a compulsory personal contribution.
  • Choice to pick from different courses which contribute to your own personal and professional development.
  • Focus on well-being! There is a gym at the Amstelveen office or you can get a discount for a gym near your house and you get access to different health and/or vitality programs.
  • ‘Together’ is one of our core values. So you can count on different social activities, like team events, drinks with colleagues and events with all your KPMG colleagues.
Support gathering of customer requirements and needs


Provide Architectural directions, design, develop, improve Cloud Automation Solutions


Build constructive working relations across the different teams


Interested?Let’s meet Githa de Waard

Interested?Let’s meet Githa de Waard



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