-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Manager IT Vendor Management

Geplaatst 14 mei. 2024
0 tot 7 jaar
Full-time / part-time
€ 85.000 - € 135.000 per maand
Soort opleiding
Engels (Vloeiend)
Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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At Eneco, we are diligently working towards a smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. We have an ambitious "One Planet" strategy, aiming to achieve climate neutrality for both our organization and all our customers by 2035. This entails providing innovative digital capabilities and smart solutions to realize these goals. Simultaneously, we focus on maintaining a good balance between work and personal life, fostering personal growth, and prioritizing customer orientation. Our goal is to collectively make a difference and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

IT Vendor Management or Partner Management, as we call it, is all about establishing strong alliances with Eneco’s (strategic) IT partners & Vendors. You will be managing Eneco’s portfolio of IT Partners & Vendors. Access to the (scarce) technology skills of the partners is a potential gold mine which you can deploy to help realize the goals and ambitions of Eneco’s One Planet Plan. The energy transition is largely technology driven and you are in the driver seat to unlock the potential with Eneco’s IT partners.

As our new Manager IT Vendor Management you:

  • Formulate, implement & execute a long-term Partner Strategy which supports the One Planet Plan (including efficient Governance models). Sustainability, Added Value and deliver top performance at the right price level are key in all agreements that you onboard for the Eneco group.
  • Are a people manager for a close-knit team of 11 professionals
  • Leverage the power of the Eneco group to let all affiliates benefit from Eneco’s group contracts and network.
  • Are the owner of all IT contracts for the Eneco Group and you play a vital role in negotiating agreements that make a crucial difference when it comes to hitting Eneco’s strategic goals and ambitions.
  • Provide tight financial control and deliver full transparency and insight by providing monthly financial overviews.
  • Drive the performance of the partners to a higher level.
  • Steer based on facts and figures and address non-performance at the right governance level.
  • Have a sound network within Eneco to be able to represent Eneco to its partners and vice-versa.

you are an autonomous, committed people manager with experience in the agile way of working. You enjoy and excel in stakeholder management and you are comfortable with expressing and addressing conflicting opinions. Furthermore you:

  • Are a creative thinker with broad experience (6-10 years) in IT / Technology, Vendor management and Contract management.
  • Effortlessly you translate business requirements into IT services & contracts and act as the linking pin between Business and IT. You have an excellent grasp of Technology on a conceptual level.
  • Are able to separate the people from the problem, and make clear result driven improvement plans
  • Value a good sense of humour
  • Are fluent in both Dutch and English (spoken and written).

At Eneco, you will find a unique combination of time, place, and opportunity. We are on a mission to be climate neutral before 2035 and work hard to keep global warming under 1.5 °C. Our employees are motivated to reduce carbon, together with our large base of customers. And technology is ready to bring climate neutral, scalable energy solutions to homes and businesses. This is extremely fertile ground for digital innovation. Do you want to apply your skills and talent to help build a zero-emission future?

As the Manager Partner Management, you will manage & coach the partner management team, an independent close-knit team of 11 professionals, used to the Agile way of working and all value a good sense of humor. You are also part of the Enabling Technology Management Team, which consists of 4 people (including you).

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Eneco heeft als missie 'duurzame energie van iedereen'. Samen met onze klanten en partners versnellen we de energietransitie en zorgen we ervoor dat mensen zelf hun eigen duurzame energie kunnen opwekken, gebruiken, opslaan of delen. We lopen voorop in duurzaamheid en innovatie. Dat maakt het werken bij Eneco afwisselend en uitdagend.

Actief in 4 landen
3.000 medewerkers
50% mannen - 50% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 35 jaar oud