-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Maritime Dynamics Department Engineer

Geplaatst 14 mei. 2024
2 tot 4 jaar
Full-time / part-time
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Engels (Vloeiend)
Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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How you can make your mark

The Maritime Dynamics Department, MDD in short, is Boskalis' knowledge team for all issues related to our maritime activities. Consider, for example, how sea conditions can burden equipment, put work tolerances and safety under pressure, whether it concerns dredging, construction of ports or installation of offshore wind turbines, cables and tunnels. To counter this we are constantly looking for the most suitable combination of method and equipment for Boskalis’ wide variety of projects and use a variety of tools to help us in making the right analysis.

With your expertise and commitment, you can make your mark to the successful implementation of projects and the further optimization of new and existing equipment. As MDD engineer you can translate your technical knowledge into concrete and practical solutions and disseminate this to both internal and external stakeholders.

Some of this support will be high level checks on strength, stability and dynamic response needed in the selection of the most suitable work method and equipment. But many questions require a deeper investigation, combining common sense with a thorough understanding of the physics behind marine systems and how these can be analysed with tools like Aqwa, Orcaflex.

You are able to go beyond the applications of standard codes and software, by complementing with self-developed add-ons (using Matlab, Python) to mimic for instance active motion compensation or station keeping systems. Though detailed design of mechanical systems, including drives and controls are not your main task, a good understanding and affinity with these aspects is instrumental in the cooperation with colleagues and external parties.

Your responsibilities as MDD Engineer

  • Contribution of MDD-specific knowledge to projects in preparation and execution phase and to the construction or conversion of our equipment.
  • Development of working methods and equipment in close collaboration with the various stakeholders.
  • Research into how the maritime environment influences the work process.
  • Desk studies, calculations and / or measurements in the field and / or laboratory.
  • Analysis and interpretation of the results.
  • Setting up simulation / simulator models.
  • Sharing of the acquired insights with colleagues and other stakeholders.
  • Collaborating on solutions and optimisations.
  • Preparation, validation, maintenance and application of calculation models.


You can make your mark as MDD Engineer if you have:

  • A completed technical academic education, preferably in Maritime Technology or Mechanical Engineering and preferably experience in maritime / offshore engineering.
  • Knowledge of hydrodynamic behaviour of maritime structures and the desire to become more proficient in this.
  • A practical view of technical systems, constructions, measurement and control techniques.
  • Affinity with our offshore activities and knowledge of the associated equipment.
  • Knowledge of and experience with support software, such as Excel, AutoCad, Python.
  • Independent, creative, entrepreneurial, customer-oriented.
  • Excellent command of the Dutch and English language.

What you can expect

  • Money and more: Besides a competitive salary, you will receive holiday allowance, holiday entitlement of 31 days (based on a full-time contract), a non-contributory pension scheme, collective schemes such as collective health insurance and travel allowance.
  • Career opportunities: We challenge you every day to get better. Together we realize your full personal and professional career by creating development opportunities.
  • Young Boskalis: This is a platform created for and by the Young Boskalis generation. The Young Boskalis Board focus is to represent young employees and look after their integration into the Boskalis family across the various divisions. Every year Young Boskalis organizes various activities, ranging from an online Pub Quiz and a virtual vessel visit, to sport sessions like Yoga and Bootcamp.
  • Warm welcome: We warmly welcome our new colleagues, so they feel at home as soon as possible. During your online onboarding program, we give you all the ins and outs of Boskalis!


Working at Boskalis is about creating new horizons and sustainable solutions. In a world where population growth, increase of global trade, demand for (new) energy and climate change are driving forces, we challenge you to make your mark in finding innovative and relevant solutions for complex infrastructural and marine projects.

Within a vibrant company culture, you will be working as part of a diverse, international team of experts. We offer you the opportunity to realize your full personal potential and expand your professional career by creating new horizons. Together!

Boskalis is a leading global dredging contractor and marine services provider. We provide innovative and competitive all-round solutions to our clients in the offshore energy sector, ports, coastal and delta regions. We offer a unique combination of experts, vessels and services while maintaining the highest safety and sustainability standards. Our head office is located in Papendrecht, the Netherlands. Your expertise might help us to continuously create new horizons for our stakeholders!

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