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We are an international engineering company with several offices in the Netherlands. We support clients in the Energy & Chemicals industry, as well as in Life Sciences and Infrastructure.60000NLHoofddorpHaarlemmermeer
  1. Over Fluor

    Over Fluor

    The story of Fluor started in 1912, when a Swiss immigrant called Simon Fluor founded a construction company in the USA. More than a 100 years later, Fluor is a multinational engineering company with a workforce of over 40.000 employees worldwide.

    We work for clients in diverse industries, including Energy & Chemicals, Life Sciences and Infrastructure. As an engineering company we help our clients realize their goals, be it a new-to-be-built oil refinery in Kuwait, renovations on an existing plant in Antwerp, or the longest land tunnel of the Netherlands.

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  3. Graduates, Trainees & Internships

    Graduates, Trainees & Internships

    Graduates & Trainees

    Our offices in the Netherlands are looking for technical talent on a regular basis. We hire throughout the year, with the exception of our trainee program. You can start as an engineer, or as a business management trainee.

    As an engineer you will be assigned to a discipline that matches your technical background. You start in a general role and shape your career as you go. This means that your development plan is tailor-made. There are many individual options in a company as vast as ours, but we distinguish three general directions: 1) technical specialization, 2) engineering & project management, 3) general management.

    Graduates who are more interested in the business management aspects of a project (i.e. project controls, estimation and procurement & contracts) can compete for one of the Business Management Trainee positions. The Traineeship starts every September, with the selection process starting early April.

    For more information or to apply: check our website or contact our recruiter.


    Many of our technical and non-technical departments offer (graduation) internships on a regular basis. Each and every internship assignment is custom-made and tailored to individual need.

    We offer a highly exclusive program to students of Chemical Engineering or similar studies: a fully paid International Internship to a Fluor office abroad during the summer months, including perks such a fully furnished apartment, a car, and a generous allowance. The application process for this special internship starts November every year.

    Students can apply via the website, or directly contact our recruiter for more information.

  4. We Are Fluor

    Watch this video for an impression of who we are.

  5. Grow Your Talent

    Grow Your Talent

    There are a multitude of opportunities to develop your potential.
    Naturally on the job learning is one of the key ingredients of your development as a professional, but you can spice it up with one of the many courses in our online Fluor University, with portfolio assignments, or extra-curricular activities such as our own Toastmasters public speaking club or GAP (young Fluor) board membership.

    To individuals who develop ahead of the curve we offer special, tailor-made programs that help accelerate their progress.

  6. Energy & Chemicals

    Energy & Chemicals

    This photo was taken at one of the sites of BASF in Germany, one of our clients.

    Fluor has a long track-record of projects in the Downstream and Upstream field. We serve clients all over the world. Our office in Amsterdam focuses on projects in the EAME region (Europe, Africa and the Middle East). Our projects range from small feasibility studies to full-cycle Engineering projects where we do everything from initial design right up to turnkey delivery.

  7. Infrastructure


    (Photograph by G. Serné)

    Our Infrastructure group is specialized in railways, tunnel & road works and is currently working on one of the highways surrounding Amsterdam as one of three members of the consortium "IXAS". Fluor's role in this project, and in most Infrastructure projects, is program manager.

    The scope is to engineer the longest land tunnel of the Netherlands, through which the highway will run. The area above the tunnel will be developed to become one the largest city parks of Amsterdam.

  8. Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

    Fluor recently decided to expand its Life Sciences activities from the US to Europe due to the expected increase in pharmaceutical projects in this region.

    Our strong project execution capabilities, solid financial position and expertise make us the ideal engineering party for large biotech projects.

  9. Extreme Engineering

    Extreme Engineering

    Our project sites are often situated in environments with extreme climates.
    The effects hereof need to be taken into account when engineering a facility, and provide an extra challenge to an already highly complex technical work.

  10. Modular construction

    Modular construction

    This picture shows the loading process of a large module.

    In many of her projects, Fluor opts to work with large prefabricated modules rather than stick-built construction, which offers many advantages.

    The modules are prefabricated in a construction yard and are then shipped to the project site.
    The enormous logistical challenge that is involved with such an operation, which often spans continents, is one of the tasks of Fluor's specialists.

Samiya Parvez

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Samiya Parvez

Process Engineer

I studied the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering course in Mumbai, following which I completed my MSc. in Chemical Engineering at TU Delft in 2015. During my master’s programme, I did...Meer


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