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traineeships in Amsterdam

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Traineeships in Amsterdam

Would you like to do a traineeship in Amsterdam after you are graduated? On you'll find an extensive overview of all available traineeships in Amsterdam.

Types of traineeships in Amsterdam

As the location of many companies, in all shapes and sizes, there is a wide range of traineeships available in Amsterdam. For example, you can do a management traineeship, in which you learn a lot about different departments of a company. Companies such as Brunel and ABN AMRO also give you the opportunity to do other types of traineeships such as a Finance or IT traineeship.

English traineeships in Rotterdam

A lot of traineeships in Amsterdam are offered in Dutch, but there are also traineeships that are offered in English. If it's not clear from the job description on if the traineeship is in English or Dutch, just send the recruitment team a message on to check.

Where can I do a traineeship in Amsterdam?

Many employers offer a traineeship in Amsterdam. Here are some examples:

  1. ABN Amro
  2. Heineken
  3. Oliver Wyman
  4. Skyscrapers
  5. Picnic

Traineeships in Amsterdam for university graduates

After graduating from university, there are a lot of opportunities that lie ahead of you. Particularly when it comes to traineeships. Naturally, a distinction is made between graduates and undergraduates. A graduate's degree is often a requirement for a traineeship. Options for traineeships for almost every university graduate can be found in Amsterdam.

Traineeships in Amsterdam for HBO students

There are plenty of opportunities for hbo students to start a career in Amsterdam. These may also be in the form of a traineeship. In Amsterdam, HBO students have a wide choice of traineeships to apply for. Some programs are exclusively for students who have completed a specific study and others give you the opportunity to look outside your field.

When do I apply for a traineeship in Amsterdam?

There are usually two times in the year when you can apply for traineeships in Amsterdam: in the fall and in the spring. Keep an eye on the overview of traineeships in Amsterdam on so that you don't miss an application deadline.

What are the most popular companies in Amsterdam?

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    Digital Society School
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