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Lemon Scented Tea B.V.
Lemon Scented Tea is a full-service creative agency with storytelling at its core. We create brands with the power of story.20NLAmsterdamAmsterdam
  1. About Lemon Scented Tea B.V.

    Consistently great and exciting creative work can only be created when you know, feel and understand your brand.

    In a scattered media landscape, with highly adaptive competitors, it is vital to be authentic and consistent, while still grabbing the business opportunities before you.

    A fine balance that we help our clients achieve every day by developing strategic brand positionings, creative concepts for internal and external campaigns, activations, and narratives for content, PR and social campaigns. All with the power of story in order to better connect and engage with people worldwide.

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  3. Work of ours for Veloretti

    ‘An Amsterdam Bicycle Story’ shows how the citizens of Amsterdam overcome obstacles, challenges and weather conditions on their urban ally: the bicycle.
    The online film portrays Amsterdam as the ultimate testing ground, with the perfect test drivers: Amsterdam cyclists with their no-holds-barred style of cycling. The film formed the basis of the social campaign.


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