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Cognizant Technology Solutions
We help transform core processes for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Our unique onsite/offshore global delivery model is guided by dedication to client satisfaction. With a...280NLAmsterdamGovernment of Amsterdam
  1. About Cognizant Technology Solutions

    About Cognizant Technology Solutions

    We help transform core processes for greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs.

    Our unique onsite/offshore global delivery model is guided by dedication to client satisfaction.

    With a Two-in-a-Box™ client engagement model, you’re assured the onsite attention of a Client Manager, experienced in your industry, working on site with you. Paired with the Client Manager is a dedicated Delivery Manager, who may be located at any of our global, nearshore or local delivery centers. One team is assigned to work on your project from start to finish, becoming an extension of your staff.
    Organized by vertical industry as well as service line, we know the particulars of your business and deliver solutions with the precision you require.

    Our more than 1000 clients span five continents and every major industry. With an advanced global delivery platform, Cognizant 2.0 (C2), we can share knowledge and efficiently manage projects across our global delivery network. It allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective and comprehensive, end-to-end, advanced solutions.

    When required, we can access the specialized skills of our deep talent pool from anywhere in the world, to solve any problem, through C2. Enhanced project collaboration tools and our well-codified, company-wide processes assure consistent, well-planned, measurable and reliable delivery from any and all locations.

    Let us use our IT, business-process and strategic consulting to help you transform your business, with minimal risk and disruption. Give your organization greater flexibility, higher efficiency and lower costs. Position your business to thrive now and in the future.

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  3. Corporate Integrity

    Corporate Integrity

    Since our founding in 1994, Cognizant has adhered to the highest standards of conduct in the way we operate our businesses and serve our clients around the world. Our commitment to act with integrity at all times guides everything we do—the way we serve our clients and the work we do to help them build better businesses.

    - In a highly competitive industry, everyone at Cognizant recognizes that it is our reputation, the behavior of our people, and the quality of our work that determines whether or not customers decide to work with us – and stay with us.

    - At Cognizant we do not cut corners, bend the rules or look for shortcuts. And we have a zero tolerance policy towards those who do.

    - Whether our Associates work in a development center, on-site with our customers, in our corporate office, or elsewhere, each one of us recognizes the importance of handling our clients’ systems, confidential information, or sensitive intellectual property with the utmost care.

    - We are proud of our compliance program and appreciate the Department of Labor’s public recognition of our meticulous compliance with the rules.

    - We go above and beyond the required standards and aggressively challenge ourselves to maintain a level of compliance that is the best of any employer in our industry.

    - We fully believe you don’t have to break the law to succeed in business. The laws and their implementation can be challenging, but that is never an excuse to do the wrong thing.

    At Cognizant, we believe it is critical to maintain the highest ethical standards. All company employees follow not only those policies set forth by our clients, but also the comprehensive, strictly-enforced Cognizant standards set forth in our Core Values and Standards of Business Conduct.

  4. Diversity


    Cognizant views diversity as a crucial competitive advantage. Globalization coupled with profound demographic, social and economic changes spurred by the Internet have brought diversity and inclusion into the center of business activity.

    We believe that companies which are open and welcoming to a multicultural work force will thrive with fresh perspectives and collaborative knowledge.

    At Cognizant, we focus on four key areas for strategically cultivating diversity and inclusion:

    Our People
    Our associates are ambassadors of diversity, representing Cognizant's commitment to a rich and dynamic work environment.

    Our Culture
    We purposefully design our culture to empower our employees and leaders to become catalysts for diversity. Our Clients Our diversity provides a broad foundation for supporting our global clients, helping us span cultural, political and social differences.

    Our Community
    We are committed to creating educational opportunities that strengthen and develop a diverse global work force.

    We are continuing to integrate diversity and inclusion into the fabric of our business and culture with Completely Cognizant, an initiative which fosters a collaborative and supportive work force.

  5. Working at Cognizant

    Our company’s DNA is task and team based, not geography based.

    This structure is made possible by our global services delivery model, which enables real-time knowledge sharing and interaction with colleagues around the world.

    We are the only international services provider with a business model structured both vertically and horizontally. That is, vertically with expertise in almost every major industry segment, as well as horizontally, across a full complement of integrated solutions and services. In fact, many of our senior people originate from the industries in which we work.

    Our Cognizant culture is an enabling one. It emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions in the best interests of the client. Importantly, it also rewards personal achievement and contribution, financially and through public recognition.

    Coming on board

    When you join, you’ll be introduced to the company, its processes, tools and procedures, and you’ll be personally guided along the way. In fact, even while you’re in the process of applying, you’ll be assigned a representative to help you through the process.

  6. Career Benefits

    Career Benefits

    Our entrepreneurial culture emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions that enrich client satisfaction, and it rewards personal initiative and achievement.

    We look for the best and brightest when hiring so our management is constantly focused on making our workplace one that’s stimulating, positive, and inclusive. A workplace that’s dedicated to service excellence and reflects the highest standards of conduct.

    In return for contribution, we offer an attractive employment package that includes highly competitive salary and benefits packages tailored to each geography, as well as additional financial incentives and performance rewards. You’ll be thoroughly briefed on the specifics when you join .

    We also offer learning opportunities for advancement through Cognizant Academy

  7. Career Tracks

    Career Tracks

    Depending on your background, you can choose your career track from the following:

    - Project management
    - Technical
    - Client development
    - Management consulting, including business analysis, business development, competency building
    - Corporate functions

    In each track, Offshore and Onshore Practice Heads collaborate to set Business Unit strategy, reporting directly to our Executive Leadership. Along specific tracks, our lean, streamlined organization means there are only three to four reporting levels before any issue reaches top management’s attention.

    Career development receives primary emphasis here. Our goal is for individuals to reach their full potential and for the company and our clients to gain the benefits of enthusiastic, motivated employees.

    - Employees are encouraged to succeed, not in a single project, but in a variety of challenging roles over time.
    - Periodic job rotation is built into our employment guidelines.
    - Placement offices in all locations have access to the entire talent pool to encourage applications from various geographies so there’s plenty of mobility.
    - Fast-track growth opportunities are offered to high performers.
    - Opportunities to shift “tracks” are also encouraged to avoid “pigeon holing.”
    - Ongoing training programs and leadership development courses are offered so that your skills keep growing.

    Programs help channel individual aspirations by identifying job requirements and providing customized learning to reach a stated goal.

  8. News

    Finally it is summertime, and to get you in a good mood we created the Cognizant’s Summer Lounge Set by DJ Thomas Robson. You can stream or download this 200 minutes of fine music on our Cognizant-branded Soundcloud-account here

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Marco Raaijmakers

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I joined Cognizant late 2003 when the company I worked for was acquired by Cognizant. Since then I have been part of and, more importantly, contributing to an amazing ride...Show more


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