-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Java Developer

Geplaatst 10 jun. 2024
3 tot 5 jaar
Full-time / part-time
Soort opleiding
Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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In this role you take the lead in sprints and epics and you are part of one of our scrum teams. As a scrum team member you analyze, build, test and deploy software. You also develop yourself, after all it is your passion and motivation.

You are a Java developer who talks passionately about your profession and closely follows the latest developments in your field. You breathe innovation and are continuously looking for smarter solutions that you then share with your colleagues.

We are looking for you if you

  • Scrum is not your goal, but Agile is how you work and think;
  • HBO/WO working and thinking level;
  • You have at least three years of work experience in Java (Bonus: DDD, Event Sourcing);
  • Have knowledge of multiple programming languages, open source libraries and frameworks;
  • Know how to keep frameworks under control and not the other way around;
  • Are familiar with test automation;
  • Bring cloud experience with you; we work with AWS;
  • Feeling the urge to make things better.

What Portbase has to offer you

  • An office within walking distance of Station Blaak and De Markthal.
  • Performance management; ownership of your own development, just like with your code, you are in control, we facilitate.
  • Plenty of room for creativity, innovation and personal initiatives. Whether you work with us for a week, a month or a year, we are open to it.
  • Unique and pleasant culture; we work together towards a common goal in which we deliver value to the logistics community. You will be able to recognize these values in everything we do, including our collaboration.
  • 26 vacation days; and the option to purchase additional days.
  • Necessary tools and good secondary conditions; laptop, phone, travel expense reimbursement, good pension scheme, etc.
  • A competitive annual salary; including a 13th month.

About Portbase

We operate as both an IT company and as a logistics service provider. We are both and that makes us strong. We understand the market, the players and their interests. We bring parties together, initiate chain agreements and collaborate on solutions that make Dutch ports and their supply chains attractive for companies that want to transport goods across Europe. We listen carefully to all parties in the logistics chain. From shipping company to terminal, from driver to customs officer: all links in the chain have their own challenge. We therefore work for the entire port community. We help them operate more efficiently and effectively by simply processing 140 million transactions per year on time through 40 different services. Keeping things movingPortbase has been around for 21 years and we are proud of that. What once started with the assignment to digitize paperwork has grown into one of the most progressive Port Community Systems in the world and a connecting factor between all port partners.In the future, we will continue to take the lead in developing chain-wide digital solutions to make integrated services simpler and safer. If there's one thing we've learned in the past 21 years, it's that we can't stand still. As a port community we are on the move. Literal.With this vacancy we are recruiting our new colleague ourselves. If we are unable to do this, we will take the step of hiring an agency to help us with this. We therefore do not appreciate acquisition. We are not open to self-employed or temporary employment for this vacancy.

Wil jij bijdragen om de Nederlandse havens de slimste van Europa te maken?
Portbase maakt supply chains via Nederland sterker en slimmer. We verbinden marktspelers en kennen hun belangen. Samen verbeteren we de concurrentiepositie van de Nederlandse havens en maken deze de slimste van Europa.

Transport & Logistiek
Actief in 1 land
120 medewerkers
70% mannen - 30% vrouwen
Gemiddeld 46 jaar oud