-  Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Het slimme netwerk waarop hbo‑ en wo‑studenten hun baan of stage vinden.

Contract Officer

Geplaatst 7 jun. 2024
2 tot 4 jaar
Full-time / part-time
Soort opleiding
Engels (Vloeiend)
Nederlands (Vloeiend)

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Fancy to be part of an international & ambitious global Procurement team in our sparkling and growing company? Do you excel in your support, organizational and planning skills? And would you like to add your value to the success of Refresco?

We have a spectacular global team in procurement that drives a successful strategy in sourcing our products globally. The teams have organized themselves in 4 categories: Packaging, Juices, Ingredients & Indirect.

The team has central procurement managers and buyers as well as contract officers, purchasing analysts, purchasing assistants and a variety of support roles facilitating the teams. 

We have re organized ourselves to be ready to absorb the expected future growth and for this a position has become available in the Juices team:

About the role

You will report to the Team Coordinator Juices who is responsible for many processes in the global Juices category. The entire team consists of several buyers, 2 Team Coordinators and a team of 7 Contract Officers and 1 Procurement Assistant. We have a multinational team who have a set of strong capabilities complementing each other to drive our challenging objectives to a success.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of a Contract Officer?

  • Create a contract upon request from the buyer, after the buyer has finalized the deal
  • Enter the Purchase and Sales contract in the system and get it signed off
  • Suggest and agree on a shipping schedule to then be send to the supplier
  • Monitoring deliveries and shipments and follow up on documents from suppliers
  • Register all documents in our system and follow up
  • Efficient stock management to meet demand
  • Pro-actively inform the buyer of stock levels in case of risk of shortage or any specific other issues (i.e quality)
  • Provide support to ensure the processing of the (sales) orders with the Refresco factories is done accurately and timely.
  • Provide excellent support and service to internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide all Quality documents requested for each delivery
  • Provide support to the general purchasing activities through making forecasts, data analysis, stock issues and sourcing or tendering processes

About you

  • You have a Bachelor education level and previous experience assisting in Purchasing, Sales or Supply Chain, preferably in an FMCG environment.
  • You have solid knowledge of ERP systems, preferably in SAP and advanced level in Microsoft Excel.
  • You are great in organizing yourself and can manage multiple request on any given day;
  • You will need to be analytical and with strong communication skills , able to take complex information
  • Able to speak English fluently and preferably another European language 
  • Strong at networking and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.
  • You are fun to work with and enjoy working in a dynamic international team!

Are you interested and want to learn more about this exciting position? Apply online or contact us directly!

About Refresco 

Refresco is a very dynamic organization. Slightly over 155 people work at the head office in Rotterdam, versus more than 14,000 employees elsewhere in the world. Confidence in the strength of good, local teams is a hallmark of Refresco’s approach to the business. The teams make decisions in close collaboration with her the central team but have a large sense of ownership choosing the best approach for their local market.  

The desire to continue growing is reflected across every layer of the organization. This translates into an extremely enterprising group of people who are constantly setting new things in motion and really want to make an impact. A focus on personal growth and development is a priority at Refresco. Refresco is a dynamic, ever growing and changing business which shows fast and strong organic growth, further fueled by an active and successful strategy on Mergers & Acquisitions. 

Refresco Group is the world’s largest independent bottler of soft drinks and fruit juices for retailers and branded beverage companies. With production in the Benelux, Finland, France, Germany, Iberia, Italy, Poland, the UK, the US, Canada and Mexico, our global sourcing and local R&D capabilities offer an almost unlimited variety of products, manufactured to customer specifications and requirements. In addition to the efficiency of our bottling processes, we can also provide our customers with total supply chain solutions – from planning and sourcing of raw materials and packaging through to warehousing and transportation. We are able to develop new concepts and bring these to market in an extremely short time frame. Refresco Group is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Find out more!

De Refresco Group is 's werelds grootste onafhankelijke bottelaar van frisdranken en vruchtensappen. Dit doen we samen met ruim 10.000 medewerkers op meer dan 60 productielocaties in 12 landen. Naast de efficiëntie van onze bottelprocessen, bieden we totale supply chain-oplossingen, van planning en sourcing van grondstoffen.
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