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Traineeships in Utrecht

If you are looking for a traineeship in Utrecht, is the place to go to. Here you will find an up-to-date list of traineeships offered by various employers in Utrecht.

What types of traineeships can I do in Utrecht?

As the capital of one of the best performing provinces in the Netherlands, Utrecht has plenty of opportunities for a great start to your career. With companies such as VodafoneZiggo and Douwe Egberts, Utrecht is known to be a service economy hub. These companies offer all different types of traineeships, such as management, sales, finance and IT traineeships.

Which companies have traineeships in Utrecht?

These are a number of the top companies in Utrecht who offer traineeships:

  1. Henkel
  2. Talent&Pro
  3. VodafoneZiggo
  4. Pepsico

University traineeships in Utrecht

Utrecht University is one of the most ancient universities in the Netherlands. With a UU diploma, a lot is possible in the field of traineeships. Some traineeships look for someone from a specific field, but in many cases there is room for a graduate to look beyond his own field of study. This makes perfect sense, as a traineeship is all about learning and (personal) development. Of course, students from other universities in Utrecht can also find a traineeship in or near Utrecht.

HBO traineeships in Utrecht

Utrecht also has HBO-institutions such as the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) and Fontys. After completing a higher professional education you can also start your career with a traineeship. In that case you certainly have enough choice in Utrecht to further develop professionally within a traineeship.

Traineeships in the province of Utrecht

You can also find traineeships outside the city of Utrecht on Throughout the province of Utrecht there are opportunities to work as a trainee at a company. For example, BAM offers a graduate programme in Bunnik, which is very close to Utrecht City.

  1. Logo A-ware Food Group
    A-ware Food Group
    3,000 employees
    Traineeship Business Applications Consultant
    Houten, NL
    • Traineeship
    • 0 - 2 years experience
    • HBO or WO