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Communication internship

Are you looking for a communication internship? You’ve come to the right place: On you will find a communication internship you love.

What is a communication internship?

A communication internship can entail different things. The main focus of a communication intern is, in most cases, the internal and/or external communication of an organisation. The internal communication of a company revolves around the exchanging of information between employees. External communication is the way and means in which a company is projected to (potential) consumers or clients. This can include social media and content marketing.

Communication graduation internship

Many communication students have to do an internship as part of their graduation. Are you looking for a communication graduation internship? Find a communication graduation internship here .

Communication internship English

Many communication internships in the Netherlands are offered in English. Organisations that communicate both internally and externally in English are constantly searching for enthusiastic English-speaking interns. Usually, this is clearly highlighted in the job description. If not, just send a message to ask.

Companies that offer communication internships

  1. FrieslandCampina
  2. TomTom
  3. Danone
  4. Jumbo supermarkten
  5. Deloitte

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What are the most popular companies for communication jobs?

The most popular companies for communication jobs are

  1. Twelve
  2. Awareways
  3. Van Hulzen Communicatie
  4. Presenter

Which companies have the highest number of open communication vacancies?

The companies with the highest number of communication vacancies are

  1. De Rijksoverheid (24)
  2. Zibber (14)
  3. Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat (10)
  4. RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) (10)

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