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Overview of jobs near Amsterdam

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  2. company visual
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    Management Consulting
    3,135 employees
  3. company visual
    company visual
    Management Consulting
    70 employees
  4. company visual
    company visual
    Randstad Groep Nederland
    44,000 employees
  5. company visual
    company visual
    OTC Flow B.V.
    Finance & Banking
    15 employees
  6. company visual
    company visual
    Totta data lab (part of Bluefield)
    7 employees
  7. company visual
    company visual
    Van der Steenhoven advocaten
    25 employees

What is a job?

At some point in life, most of us have to start looking for a job in order to sustain ourselves and evolve in our abilities and skill-set.

Having a job means you'll be working full-time or part-time with a company that hired you after you applied for one of their vacancies. When you're a recent graduate, you're likely to start your career with a graduate job, entry-level job or a placement. You can find all sorts of graduate jobs in a lot of different industries, e.g. marketing, finance, legal, consultancy, IT or engineering.

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Which job suits me?

When you begin your job search, you will soon come to realize that there are a lot of the same or very similar vacancies on the market offered from a lot of different employers. So you find yourself asking: Which job suits me the best? What is the right job for me? Not only do you want to get a good career match, but you want to find a company that suits you. Finding out which companies suit you is vital. Liking the company you work for will make a big difference to work happiness!

Luckily, we have a full guide on what job suits you and how to find that out.

Even better - automatically matches you with the jobs that suit your profile the best!

Types of jobs

There are multiple types of jobs, in various different sectors for graduates to choose from. In the Netherlands, organisations have adjusted their programmes to the needs of their employees and of their organisation. Popular types of jobs are HR jobs, marketing jobs, media jobs and sales jobs. We have them all on so check them out.

Most popular companies that offer jobs and other opportunities:

  1. Adidas jobs and other opportunities
  2. KLM jobs and other opportunities
  3. ING jobs and other opportunities
  4. Rabobank jobs and other opportunities
  5. Heineken jobs and other opportunities

Most popular areas to do a job in:

  1. Jobs in Amsterdam
  2. Jobs in Rotterdam
  3. Jobs in The Hague
  4. Jobs in Utrecht
  5. Jobs in Eindhoven

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