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Topicus Fintech Software
Where once dozens of systems were required to support the needs of wealth managers, EuroPort+ is a simple, versatile solution providing an unparalleled range of capabilities.90NLGoudaGouda
  1. About Topicus Fintech Software

    About Topicus Fintech Software

    What we do? We build Wealth Management Software. Named EuroPort+.
    We have a leading position in the Netherlands and deliver our software to A-brands in the banking, pension and insurance sector. Our expertise and constant focus on delivery ensures that the promise to our clients is fulfilled. We are proud of our market proposition and have ambitious plans for the future.

    Our culture
    Top-down? Not our style! We'll ask you how it can be done smarter and better. And we'll give you all the time and space to do so. We encourage entrepreneurship, creativity and initiative. We'll let you make decisions and give you responsibility. And we ask you to take that responsibility! We'll involve you in developments in our business, our market and our expertise thus creating an atmosphere of involvement and co-creation. Our culture can be best described as open, informal and result oriented.

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  3. Mission & Vision

    Mission & Vision

    We are on a mission to connect consumers, finance professionals, providers, commissioners and funders. With our core products we deliver consumer and entrepreneur empowerment, community engagement and operational excellence for providers and institutions. We take pride in what we do, are convinced that we offer the best Wealth Management software solution in the market and are determined to become preferred supplier of all leading Wealth Management companies in the Benelux region. This will not happen overnight, but our goal is to reach that milestone before 2020.

  4. Our Core Values

    Our Core Values

    We are serious about our Core Values Entrepeneurship, Honesty and Selfreflection. Core values and corporate culture are key to motivated employees and a good operating result. And we've actually added one more: FUN! We want people enjoy their work, their workplace and their colleagues. And we ask our people to invest in that: make an effort to be a fun colleague. Not just by being a 'happy cow' all day, but by being inspiring, having lots of energy, contributing in success and team results.

    Entrepeneurship comes to live in our Intrapeneurial people: people who treat Able as their own. Have focus on the client, take initiative, identify opportunities and deliver at all times.

    Honesty is imperative In our open, informal and direct company-culture. We expect our people to give eachother honest feedback, be honest about what they can and cannot do and 'put their money where your mouth is' .

    Selfreflection is incorporated in our agile way of working. No matter how successful we are, there’s always room for improvement. We organize Sprint Retrospectives in which the team looks back at the work process, their cooperation and the quality of their output. The aim is to get better and avoid making the same mistakes in subsequent Sprints. Selfreflection is also part of our performance review cycle. Our people assess their personal achievements and identify their strengths, flaws and their ambitions. The higher their awareness, the better their potential (for improvement) is.

  5. Our team

    Our team

    Our success is the result of the hard work of our people. We believe that professionals are capable people that don’t need managers to tell them what to do. We promote this believe by the agile way of working. Agile/scrum stimulates creativity, autonomy, taking responsibility and ownership. Our management team’s task is to enAble and support our agile teams and define the journey we are on.

  6. Leisure!


    Every year we end in style! Our Year's End party's are in fact le-gen-daric. See the video of our happening in 2018

  7. Lunch!


    Our canteen definitely is our unique selling point when it comes to keeping our people happy. We have a team of dedicated colleagues who really go to great length to prepare the most delicious lunches for us. Freshly cooked in our own kitchen. To trigger you; a random pick from the weekly menu
    - Asian Tomato soup
    - Salad with pear and blue stilton, salad with chicken and mushrooms
    - Wraps with salmon and pesto
    - Italian sandwich with egg and avocado
    - Home made pizza's
    - A large variety of fresh bread rolls
    - deserts and fruit salad
    (and every now and then we have "patat-dag" or "pannenkoekendag")

  8. Vitality


    To be successful as a company, we need to rely on our people. Vital people are therefore crucial. Our Preventiemedewerker secures our policy to keep everybody happy and healthy. Part of vitality is work-life balance. Autonomy, self-determination, flexible working hours and the possibility to work from home add to that balance. Also part of vitality is a healthy body. Apart from freshly prepared lunches (e.g. vegan, light, season themes etc.) we also offer free fruit and fitness subscriptions, desk bicycles and sit-stand desks. And after lunch you can join one of the groups that go for a walk or participate in the dart-championship.
    And of course: who works hard, needs to play hard! Our Activiteitencommissie plans a calendar full of fun activities from which everyone can choose freely. We race against each other on the cart track, try to be the clever ones in the escape room, learn all about Italian wine during a wine tasting work shop, laugh our heads off at a stand-up comedy night and share a lovely dinner at our summer BBQ.

Martine van Kalkeren

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Martine van Kalkeren

PA to the CEO

For almost 8 years now I've been working at Topicus Fintech Software and still feel totally at place. As we are a mid-sized company, I know my colleagues and their...Show more


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