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Logo &samhoud

&samhoud is a world-class, vision-driven, usual unusual organisation that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.200NLUtrechtUtrecht
  1. About &samhoud

    About &samhoud

    &samhoud’s deeper reason for existence is derived from our higher goal: ‘Together we build a brighter future.’ We create value by inspiring and connecting people and continuously invest in our people and in society. That is how both we and also the value we create continue to grow, both for organisations, individuals and society as a whole.

    We are a world-class, vision-driven company active in different industries worldwide. Please scroll down to find more information about our different brands:
    &samhoud consultancy
    &samhoud media
    &samhoud places
    &samhoud food
    The VR Cinema

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  3. &samhoud consultancy

    &samhoud consultancy

    &samhoud consultancy is a world-class, vision-driven, usual unusual consultancy firm that creates sustainable and measurable value for employees, customers, shareholders and society.

    From our offices in Utrecht, Kuala Lumpur and Zürich, we work for major customers based all over the world and active in various sectors, such as Montblanc, Hong Leong Bank, Achmea, Nestlé, TNT Express, Aegon, Rabobank, Axiata, Icare, Swisscom and Microsoft. We assist them in the creation of measurable and sustainable value. &samhoud works in a usual unusual manner, ranging from formulating a vision and strategy to making it happen and improving it. And from leadership development to branding and innovation.

  4. &samhoud media

    &samhoud media

    We are a bunch of young creatives, born and raised in the digital era. We strive to inspire and connect people and organizations by innovative media concepts. As a creative agency and online publisher we create creative concepts. We are specialized in virtual reality.

    For our International clients we create impactful virtual reality experiences that can be used both externally and internally. In addition, we make virtual reality experiences for consumers. We are very proud to say that we are the producer of the first virtual reality feature film in Europe, starring Dutch award-winning actors. We are currently opening the world’s first virtual reality cinemas throughout Europe.

    As specialist in virtual reality we are always searching for ways to expand our knowledge in this field. Therefore, we conduct extensive research into the impact of virtual reality. This knowledge helps us in our strive to create truly impactful virtual reality experiences.

  5. &RANJ


    Since 1999, &ranj has been making serious games that help people and organisations to develop in a more effective way while having more fun.
    We want to help people develop themselves in more effective, efficient and engaging ways, with serious games. In our vision, the essence of serious games is creating experiences in which players are challenged to solve real world problems. In the game they can experiment, enabling them to build knowledge and skills and making them aware of their behaviour in that situation. This makes them better able to take on these challenges in reality.

  6. &samhoud places

    &samhoud places

    Our Michelin awarded restaurant in Amsterdam where chef Moshik Roth creates gastronomical dishes and innovates food.

    In 2012 Moshik Roth joined forces with entrepreneur and service specialist Salem Samhoud. Salem was inspired by Moshik's innovative ideas on food and his drive to share his gastronomy.

    Their gastronomical adventure started in August 2012: &samhoud places. We believe that good food is a way of making the world a better place. To reach and inspire 'the world' we developed two concepts: first, &samhoud places, the Michelin awarded restaurant where Moshik creates gastronomical dishes and innovates food. And &samhoud food: a retail product line.

  7. &samhoud food

    &samhoud food

    We are an innovative food company with a clear vision: we inspire people to eat more vegetables. Therefore, we make it easier and more attractive to choose responsibly: with delicious and surprising food products, made of vegetables. Together we build a brighter future.

    We achieve this by making oddly delicious food products with an abundance of vegetables based on recipes from 2-Michelinstar chef Moshik Roth. Without unnatural additives for colouring, taste and preservation. This is how the pure flavor and quality is kept. It tastes much better!

    Our products are:

    - Vegetable based innovations
    - Created by 2 Michelinstar chef Moshik Roth
    - Suitable for vegetarians
    - Without unnatural additives for colouring, taste and preservation

    Our fresh meals and veggie products are for sale at, among others, Albert Heijn. Meanwhile we also inspire, on a daily basis, thousands of customers in food service and several restaurant chains with the infinite possibilities of vegetables.

    & samhoud food originated from 2-Michelin star restaurant &samhoud places, your testing ground for innovations in food. The restaurant was founded by 2 -Michelin star chef Moshik Roth and entrepreneur Salem Samhoud.

  8. The VR Cinema

    The VR Cinema

    World’s very first virtual reality cinema opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam early 2016. While VR was still quite unknown at the time, nowadays almost everyone has heard of the medium. However, the technique is still not accessible for everybody and a lot of people are new to this experience. The VR Cinema is a place where everybody has the possibility to get acquainted with virtual reality and experience what it is like to see the finest selection of VR-movies that are unfolding around you in 360 degrees. Currently, The VR Cinema is expanding internationally and has opened locations in China, Finland and Romania.

    The VR Cinema started off as a pop-up concept which toured through europe before opening a permanent location in the heart of Amsterdam. This city is also the home base of the founders of The VR Cinema: &samhoud media, a AR & VR company with a keen eye for media trends, which helps them to create refreshing and creative concepts for business clients as well as for you and the guy next door.

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