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Everything you need to know before starting a graduate job or internship in London

Let’s be honest, it’s safe to say London is the best place to live in the UK. If you lived in London for uni, you can admit your student life revolved around uni days, student discount and as many Uber eats as you could manage. Once you have a taste for the London life you can understand why it is the best place to live after university, when starting your career. Only problem is, it’s not exactly cheap.

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The only way to afford living in London is taking out a second mortgage (and you don’t even own a house), ask your parents for a small loan or finding the ideal job that can let you live the London life (on a budget, of course). In London graduate jobs and internships come in all different shapes and sizes. In fact, in the UK, London has the highest concentration of graduate jobs!


For many graduates across the UK and indeed worldwide moving to London can seem very scary. With its bustling streets, red buses, black cabs, not knowing how to figure out the tube lines and even taking into consideration that the police never caught Jack the Ripper. Yea, that all seems really scary, but don’t worry. Here is everything you need to know before setting out on a graduate job or internship in the big smoke:

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities!!

Okay, there’s no getting away from it – London hosts the majority of internships and graduate positions in the UK. Yes, of course it is not impossible to get an internship or graduate job in cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, or even in the sleepy town of Eastbourne. But the opportunities in London are more common.

when one door closes

Therefore, you must take into consideration, even if for a short period of your life undertaking an internship or graduate job in London. After All, if you are really serious about a particular career, the location shouldn’t matter. You won’t have to look too far for opportunities that match your job preferences. Even if you are interested in becoming a Lifestyle Activities Coordinator, you can find yourself not without work in London.

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London should not just be your destination. As a graduate you should be prepared to move to where the work is at any given time. It’s more likely that London, no matter what industry you’re in, will have what you are looking for.

The streets are paved with… gold?

Okay, that is not exactly true. The street are not actually paved with gold. In fact, you probably wouldn’t want to know what the streets are paved with. But you would almost think that the streets were indeed paved with gold considering how expensive it is to live in London. No matter where you are from in the UK or around the world, it’s safe to assume your outgoings will be higher than most other cities.


But, it’s not all bad. Employers in London understand that the city is expensive and often pay their graduates more than is paid nationally for graduate positions in the UK. Graduate jobs in sectors like engineering, banking or finance and consultancy have traditionally high paid graduate positions based in the city and in Canary Wharf’s banking district.  

“I have places to be and people to see”

It is safe to say that London is one of the most exciting cities in the world to live in. New York is referred to as the city that never sleeps and this principle can be applied to London as well. There are activities and events happening all the time and you will never get bored. In some cases these events are free (even as a graduate, you will love free stuff even more).


Living in London, the longer you spend in the city, you’ll be able to hunt down and sniff out the best bargains that exist around you in the city. From cheap restaurants, reasonably priced pubs and cheap tickets to many of London’s theatres and concert halls (for when the pubs are full).  

Living vs. Commuting

Choosing to live in London is a big step. Choosing where to live is an entirely different decision. Think of London as tribal zones, where you have the North, South. East and West. Choosing where to live will make or break your decision.

Living the London life, one key factor you need to take into consideration is the adjustment to being a commuter. No matter where you live, the time you spend commuting will be substantial. So probably best to start looking for podcasts, audible books or apps to keep you occupied (completing candy crush for a London commuter is, in itself a huge achievement).

Small, but helpful tip: At rush hour, make sure you have your Oyster or contactless card ready when approaching the barrier. Nothing raises a commuters blood pressure like poor barrier protocol.


London definitely is not for everyone. It’s expensive, crowded and full of annoying tourists taking pictures of landmarks that have little to absolutely no historic value. But with that, the city of London boasts the most opportunities for graduates seeking internships or graduate jobs. Living in London as a graduate provides you with the opportunity to spend the prime years of your life in an amazing city with even better career options around you and an exciting way of life included.

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