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Job search beginning with: what job should I do?

When starting your job search, you will find a lot of similar jobs offered by many different employers. So, you might find yourself wondering: which job should I pick? Not only do you want to find the best career match, but you also want to find a company that suits you. Finding out which companies suit you is vital. Liking the company you work for will make all the difference in your work happiness!

During your job search, you might find yourself saying ‘oh no, what job should I do?’ when you find more than one career match and you are not sure which of the companies you should apply to and which to ignore. To get the best experience and actually enjoy your job, graduate scheme, internship or placement, you want to pick a career match and a company where you feel you’ll fit in.

It’s research time. *cracks knuckles*

Partying vs. Grafting

Enjoy your chill time with mates at the pub, with a pint most nights and weekends? Or live and breathe for your work? Regardless of how perfect the career match is, it’s important to think about how many hours you are prepared to dedicate to your work life.

There are plenty of professions that require longer hours as a given (Law, Banking, Nursing, etc.). But if you don’t want to be tied to your work every waking moment, take it into consideration when starting your job search.

Cramped tubes, jammed motorways and delayed trains

Really enjoy spending a few hours smashed into an overly busy tube carriage? Not bothered by  spending hours waiting on a train platform in the pissing rain waiting for the 06:23 train, which has obviously been delayed for 40 mins? Or yearn for the lovely morning glow provided by the bumper to number cars in standstill traffic on the motorway?

Make sure to take in to account your feelings towards the morning commute whilst on your job search. It could have a big influence in your overall job satisfaction.

Size matters!

We’re still talking about career matches and job searching… by the way… But you may prefer to work with an intimate group of people that become your extended family over a huge corporate with loads of people and divisions. Or vice versa.

Both can be extremely satisfying, but it’s important that you get an understanding of which you would prefer, preferably before applying. That perfect career match might turn into hell if not.

Structure vs. Freedom

Would you like to wear jeans and slides to the office, or would you like to suit and boot it every day? From dress codes, to company lunches and social events; there’s a huge variation between work ethics and how companies do stuff.

When you start your job search, think about if you’d enjoy a more formal, structured and hierarchical workplace or if you dig the more laid back and dress down Friday type of company! If you decide that you really would rather not be in a very traditionally structured company, you might just change your mind about your career matches.

Oh and remember that if you have the itch to tour the world, company cultures can also vary from country-to-country so, make sure to research everything available to you.

Wax on, wax off – Mr. Miyagi style

Want to learn or progress different skills and abilities? Even if it’s just to pad out your CV. The development of different skills through training is an essential component of progression for many careers.

Most companies will offer training in different ways such as, in-house training days, external courses or just on the job. It’s important to see which companies offer the training that will best let you ace the job and reap the benefits!

From zero to hero

Want to lead the company, or make it to the head of a division or lead a team to success? Even if you don’t want to go all the way to the top, the incentive of having a ladder to climb can be extremely rewarding and motivating – no one wants to be stuck in a dead end job with nothing to look forward to.

While the first step might not be the perfect career match, with the option to climb you can make it yours and perfect! So, when applying to graduate jobs or schemes – actually any job – have a look at what the companies offer as progression routes for graduates.

Sticks vs. Concrete Jungle

Want a change of scenery and keen to move, or cannot handle the thought of leaving your precious stomping grounds? Then you should consider the location of the companies, and factor this into your job searching. If you are based in the city and don’t want to commute or move then it’s probably best you stick to looking for city jobs!

Want to be Dora the Explorer?

Want to see the world while you work, or rather stay in the environment you know and trust? Some companies offer the chance to do 6 month assignments abroad, or involve regular national and international business trips.

So if you love the opportunity to get your passport stamped or collect your air tickets then you should factor that in when you start your job search.

Ok, back to where we started… What job should I do?

Whatever you choose to do you have to remember that the career match is not the only thing that counts, the company should also match. When you have worked out your ideal type of company, check out to connect with companies that are looking for someone like you!

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