How to rock your video interview with these 13 steps

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How to rock your video interview: A complete guide

So, you have landed yourself a video interview and you are one step closer to getting your dream job. How hard can that video interview be? 

You video chat with your friends and family all the time. Surely you must be an expert in it by now. However, video job interviews are not exactly the same. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you present your best, and most professional, self and land a job you love in a video interview.

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Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted

Find a nice quiet corner where you can set up your interview without any possible interruptions. Background noise can distract you and your interviewer. Make sure potential flatmates are aware of your call, put the dog in the other room and close your doors and windows.

Well-lit and clean background

Try to sit close to a window so that you get a good amount of natural lighting. Cleanliness and well-organised background are important. Think about what you want to portray to a potential employer.

Ensure that your internet connection is good

After you have chosen a quiet and well-lit space, make sure that your internet connection is also on point. The last thing you want is your internet connection to prevent you from nailing your interview.

Especially when you are going to have a video call, make sure to test the connection beforehand.

Check that both your camera and microphone are working

This is a simple step that many of us forget. Sometimes interviewers invite you for a video call using a tool that you have not experienced before. Make sure that you allow it to use both your camera and microphone in order to ensure a positive experience.

Close all unnecessary tabs and applications

A pop-up from Web Whatsapp is the last thing that you want to hear while having a video job interview. Close everything that you do not need during the interview for two reasons.

Firstly, it can serve as a distraction to you and your interviewer. Secondly, it might slow your computer and internet connection down as mentioned in the previous point.

Place your phone on silent and away from you

Speaking of distractions, your phone is something you can easily forget to turn off or switch to silent. Something small that can easily throw you off during that important call. So, for this one hour, turn down the volume and put it away. That way you are not disturbed by notifications.

Dress professionally

Dressing well for a job interview is unquestionable. Based on the company and position you are applying for, choose your outfit wisely and dress from head to toe.

You want to be prepared for the unlikely event that you would need to stand up or adjust your seating position. Plus, it contributes to the whole mindset of having an interview and being professional. Avoid bright colours as this can be distracting for the interviewer.

Set up your station

After making sure that you have chosen the right space for your video interview, have a note pad and pen next to your computer in case you need to write something down or perform a computing task.

Depending on what kind of an interview it is, you can add a calculator and a printed CV and job description so you don’t get stuck.

Practice and prepare your questions for the interviewer

Usually one of the first questions is “So tell me about yourself”. Practice how you are going to present yourself and your skills.

Make sure you make the right connections between what the position is about and what you have done before in terms of work experience and education. You want to sound confident and fluent, ready to take on this challenge.

Practice the types of questions you might get asked about for example your hard and soft skills. You want to be prepared and come across as competent.

Last but not least, practice the questions you are going to ask the interviewer. Maybe have a friend do a mock video interview with you beforehand.

Be authentic

Don’t be afraid to show emotion or passion in your video interview. Be authentic in your communication, just as if you were speaking with the employer in real life.

Smile and nod when listening to show you are engaged

Relaxed and open communication is key. Smile and nod when listening to what the interviewer is saying, showing you are engaged and interested in the conversation. If you have interview nerves, we have 7 tips on how to deal with them and nail your interview.

Make eye contact

Even though you will be talking to someone via video, it is important to make eye contact with the camera. It gives the impression that you are confident and engaged with the employer and you are serious about your interview.

Be kind and respectful

Just like in real life, be kind and respectful to the interviewer. Thank them for their time to have a video interview with you and express your excitement for the next steps.

Here you have a complete guide on how to rock your video interview. With these simple tips, you are fully prepared to get a step closer to landing a job you love. And when it comes to finding your dream job, you can easily do so on

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