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What career is right for me?

Choosing the right career is kind of like choosing the right outfit for a night out. Well yeah ok … not totally. But you spend too long staring hopelessly at all the options and possibilities, without getting any closer to making a decision. Difference being, you can try out multiple outfits much quicker and more easily than multiple careers. So let’s think about what factors might influence that tough question of “What career is right for me?”.

Finding that “what career is right for me?” is normally being answered with “chase something you love”… Kinda tricky when you’re not sure what you love right?  So you try the following:

  1. Going to a crowded careers fair that’s harder to enjoy than a Bieber concert.
  2. Googling it hoping for better results than that time you tried to self-diagnose your apparently life-threatening headache.

Oh yup – still no closer to having a codswallop what on Earth you could love AND be paid for. And it’s starting to seem harder than cracking The Enigma Code.

The thing is… there is no one answer. You can’t ask everyone. No one else can live your life for you. Even though sometimes, it may seem like your parents would prefer it if they could – but that’s another matter. However, we have written down a few tips based on your interests, motivation and skills to get you headed in the right direction.

Are you the shepherd not the sheep?

Enjoy working to a flexible schedule but working hard, not afraid to break the mould and you like the sound of the words; innovative, cutting edge, ingenious, original? Could what career is right for me be answered with a position in technology or a start-up might just be your perfect match!

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Do you like ‘How it’s made’ more than ‘Love Island’, ‘Friends’ or ‘Dexter’?

what career is right for me being answered with Elon Musk?

Sounds like you got the engineering bug – it’s your destiny calling for you to build ‘stuff’. Engineering roles can include things like creating brand new nanotechnology, building a new and improved ‘Shard’, creating a new robot partner, or becoming the next Elon Musk!

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Are you constantly advising you mates in their life choices, their partying habits and poor choice in partners?

You’re a natural ‘busy-body’ taking on a million things at once. And crushing them all. What career is right for me? How about considering being a Consultant. With your daily to-do’s featuring managing relationships with clients and making new contacts, you’re basically paid to socialise.

But, if this doesn’t sound ideal to you – no stress – have a look at HR which is all about managing and working with people within the company and their needs.

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Did you really, really, really, really like ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ (especially Jordan mentioning he just came short of earning 1m per week)?

think the answer to what career is right for me is wolf of wall street

Thinking about ditching the student debt as fast as you can with a nice healthy graduate salary? Well banking might be just the thing for you. With plenty of options like investment banking and financial services you will be balling like Leo soon enough!

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More of a Suites person?

think the answer to what career is right for me is suites

If you love arguing your point and looking fly in a suit, Law may be your game. With hard work comes huge benefits. We’re talking a very comfy graduate salary and being paid to do something you enjoy (arguing and fighting for the little guy, or the big guy) – does it get any better?

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Consider yourself the reborn combination of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi?

Like to dedicate your time to looking after and caring for others? Then getting into Healthcare or Medicine might be right up your street. Didn’t study Medicine in uni? Hey it doesn’t even matter! There are routes into Nursing and Medicine without having studied the relevant degree. If neither excite you or quite answer what career is right for me, then check out Teaching and Education or even working for a charity.

Also, bonus – the government supports those embarking on Teaching careers with generous bursaries.

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Do you know who Bob Ross is?

want to answer what career is right for me with bob ross

Don’t worry you don’t have to have his skills, or calming voice. Just the same interest in being creative and design orientated. Then there are plenty of options available from digitally in IT to physically in Architecture. Do some research, work out what makes your heart race and get going!

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Itching to spend countless hours crammed in a tin can 30,000 feet above land?

Want to get out and see the world first hand? There are jobs for that too – check out jobs abroad! If you crave the excitement of travel, experiencing different cultures and becoming a worldly expert you should check out your options in Hotel Management or in the Travel and Tourism industry. Or you could combine helping others and traveling with getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification and check out all your opportunities to travel and teach.

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Are all the answers to the above ‘no’?

Why not check out what the government has to offer for you? There are plenty of roles that might answer what career is right for me that you can get involved. You might find something that really makes you excited.

Check out the government options on Magnet.me!

Still no idea or answer to “What career is right for me?”?

Don’t panic, that’s totally logical. Breathe. And take it step-by-step. Whether it is graduate salary, prospects or fun you will get there. When you get a better idea of your career path, check out Magnet.me to connect with companies that are looking for someone like you!