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4 tips for communicating with employers

First impressions count – always – so you really want to make the right one. Especially when communicating with employers. From written communications like CVs, application forms, cover letters and emails, to face-to-face contact – you need to put your best foot forward.

It’s important for any job to have effective communication skills, especially when communicating with employers, and anyone. Any form of correspondence done between you and the recruiter could be taken into account. Here are a few tips to help you prove you have the clear and effective communication skills that recruiters are looking for.

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Face-to-face effective communication

You basically have 4 things to remember when meeting and communicating with employers in the flesh, be it interview, assessment day, or at a university event.

1. Don’t let interview nerves get the best of you

There are always going to be a few little nerves that creep up when coming to communicating with employers, but make sure that you try and crush them as recruiters will be eagle eying your every move.

Try the “fake it till you make it” approach, and you will be surprised by how you will start to relax. If that fails, imagining everyone in their underwear never fails… right.

2. How your milkshake handshake can bring all the boys jobs to the yard

To effectively communicate with employers you need to always have a strong start. A nice firm handshake, no wet fish and no death grip! This gesture can tell the recruiter a lot more about you than you might think.

The type of handshake you give will likely influence the recruiter’s opinion of you throughout the first minutes of your interview – even subconsciously.

3. Staring is not caring

Effective communication is all about eye contact and encouraging conversation – your goal is to look at them confidently and attentively. You need to transmit that you are absorbing whatever they are saying and that you are enthusiastic when you are talking. If you take a second to look down while you think that’s completely fine (and shows you’re human).

Aim to maintain a solid amount of eye contact throughout the interview and particularly at the beginning – it shows you’re interested!

4. Just smile and wave boys, (and girls) smile and wave (well, minus the wave)

Surprisingly, effective communication with employers (or anyone) can start with something as simple as smiling. Smiling – as naturally as possible to avoid looking like a crazy psycho – can generate a positive response from your interviewer.

They might even be kind enough to smile back, which means you have overcome step one – the first interaction. DO NOT get discouraged if they do not smile back! Remember, they may just be testing how you respond to stress. Smiling always makes you seem more approachable which will be a bonus point in your favour.

Now that you know how to effectively communicate with potential employers, check out Magnet.me to connect with companies that are looking for someone like you!