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Data strategy consultant

Posted 15 May 2024
Work experience
0 to 1 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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Help our clients develop a data strategy that helps them achieve their organisational goals.

We are looking for a Data Strategy Consultant who is fluent in the Dutch language, both verbally and in writing.

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Want to know what it's like to work at Digital Power?

We list all the important questions and answers for you.

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We fully understand that multiple employers are promising you a dream job. This is why we list just a bit more on what makes Digital Power unique.

  • Best of both worlds - a down-to-earth group with the most challenging assignments
  • Room for initiative: you shape your own career
  • Cool clients in various sectors (both profit and non-profit)
  • Unique team with unique synergy: we are proud of each other, give each other everything and have no in-house competition or unnecessary hierarchy
  • Entrepreneurship is encouraged: do you notice a great opportunity for us? Go get it!
  • Creative and out-of-the-box mentality: 'I've never done it before, so I think I can do it'
  • Strong emphasis on learning and development through our internal Data Academy, unlimited training budget and highly motivated colleagues
  • Humour, fun and a family feel: be yourself!
  • Lots of table football games
  • A great work-life balance
  • Friday afternoon gathering for which many come to the office especially
  • A team event every quarter

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As a consultant in our team, you must be able to collect, analyse and visualise large amounts of data. You then translate the insights you get from the data into concrete actions for various stakeholders.

Therefore, you must be able to relate well to your client's organisation: a Manager wants to see different information than a Data Analyst or Developer. As a consultant, it is therefore important that you speak different 'languages'.

During your assignment, you will constantly delve deeper into the organisation, actively ask questions and listen carefully to the client. This is how you find out what the real issue is and who you can work with to get the most out of your assignment.

The type of assignments you carry out depends on your job profile, the customer demand and your personal wishes. Sometimes you will have one 40-hour assignment per week, but you may also divide your time between several, different assignments at the same time.

Most assignments take place at the client's location. Sometimes, you might work with colleagues from our office on an assignment (e.g. a dashboard for a client). It is also possible to collaborate on in-house projects.

Below you can find examples of assignments in the field of:

  • Technical Web Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering

The full overview can be found here >

A buddy will be paired with you once you start with us. They will help you settle into our organisation during your first 6 months and introduce you to how we work. Your buddy will also guide you along to the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle focuses on your development as a consultant. If you have been with us for a while, and are getting to know your immediate colleagues, you can set your own development goals. From knowing your colleagues, you can ask them to help you achieve your development goals. In other words, that is up to you. Together with your supervisors, you will draw up a personal development plan designed for you specifically. They will help you incorporate details and actions into this, becoming your personal sparring partner.

Our internal training calendar contains training courses to help you become a better consultant. Some training courses are also relevant for staff members.

Follow an R or Python training course given by a colleague or join an internal knowledge-sharing session on Data Engineering. You can also develop by following training courses on subjects such as 'Dealing with resistance', 'Stakeholder management', 'Working more efficiently', 'Presentation skills' and 'Coaching others'.

Do you need extra knowledge about agile working for your assignment? Even then we can help you. It is also possible to get your SCRUM Master or Product Owner certificate.

First, you'll have an intake over the phone with a recruiter, followed by an interview with a Recruiter and a Business Manager. Should you progress, the second interview is with two Business Managers. You will prepare a case before the second interview. Finally, you have a third interview with the CEO.

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Sandhya will be happy to tell you more about our company, our team and the challenges we can offer you.

Sandhya van Kordelaar

Digital Power is een team van specialisten met passie voor data. We helpen organisaties effectief te werken met data. Onze mensen zijn gespecialiseerd in Data Analytics, Technical Web Analytics, Customer Experience, Data Science en Data Engineering. In multidisciplinaire teams zijn we DE datapartner van Nederland. Als consultant bij ons sta je nooit alleen voor een uitdaging. Je deelt kennis en wisselt ervaringen uit met een team van like-minded mensen op wie je altijd terug kunt vallen.

Active in 1 country
120 employees
70% men - 30% women
Average age is 30 years