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  1. About The Next Web

    About The Next Web

    The Next Web is a leading network of popular initiatives focussing on technology, its business and culture. We bring you the insights, tools and inspiration to improve your personal and professional lives with digital means.

  2. Agile learning

    Agile learning

    The Next Web is a place for learning and building. We are independent, flexible team-players who're striving to break status quo. Passion for innovation and starting new things.

  3. Events events eventssss

    Events events eventssss

    TNW'ers are party throwers at heart. At least 2 social gatherings per week. Everyone is free to organize whatever. From movie nights to mud wrestling. We like to hang out together.

  4. Office Playground

    Office Playground

    From hammocks to picknick tables and even a baby playground. You can pick your own favorite spot or make your desk feel like home. Moreover, some TNW'ers like to bring their kids sometimes. Perfectly welcome!

  5. International


    Our HQ is in Amsterdam but our colleagues and clients are all over the world. Conference calling is daily business. We are a very multilingual and multicultural family.

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