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  1. About Subatomic

    We are a small creative studio located in Amsterdam.
    We are bootstrappers and proud of it. We are not your traditional businesswomen and businessmen. We are geeks … and also a bit nerdy. We believe in flexible, open working environments for our team and encourage new ideas. We have a little ‘Mad Men’ in all of us as we’ve been known to have a Friday Vrijmibo with whiskey.

    We are a creative force.
    We think both inside and outside of the box. If fact, we often question the need for a box in the first place. We swear by the power of user centered design and psychology and we believe in sharing that knowledge with others.

    We are ambitious.
    We always keep our deadlines, and we always deliver our best. To do this we also are organized. We swear by post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets. We’ve built everything from the ground up and work hard to maintain our reputation as leaders in user engagement.

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