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  1. About Octatube

    About Octatube

    Besides a high-class design, engineering and manufacturing company, we also play a role as a specialised building contractor. Octatube is unique in the Netherlands, carrying out projects in-house from design to completion. Octatube is based in Delft. Mick Eekhout is the General Director and holds a position as a Professor in Product Development at the Faculty of Structural Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. His son, Nils Eekhout, is the Technical Director. Octatube has a workforce of over 80 people, divided over our Design & Engineering, Production & Installation and Project Management departments. All our departments are situated in one building where collaboration between the departments is tight. We believe it is essential in our delivery of innovative and dependable results.

  2. 28.10.2016 Masterclass van BIM tot Bouwplaats

    28.10.2016 Masterclass van BIM tot Bouwplaats

    At the site of the former headquarters of Fortis at the Rokin in Amsterdam two new department stores are being erected. The project has completely been engineered in BIM in a very detailed manner by all parties involved. The buildings have been prefabricated to a very large extend, following the corresponding 3D models. This was necessary due to the limited storage space on site. On Thursday the 3rd of November Octatube will participate in a BIM Masterclass on the project.

    In-depth information will be shared on how an integral project approach with intensive collaboration between all parties can successfully bring complex inner city project to realization. Experiences in the logistical challenges of the project and the crucial role that BIM plays will be shared with the public. Parties from both design, advisory, supply chain and installation will talk about their share in the BIM process. Marcel Haasnoot (head of engineering) will speak on behalf of Octatube.

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