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Ampelmann provides the best access solutions for people and cargo transfer by operating motion compensation systems and services. Our mission is to make offshore access as easy as crossing the street.400NLDelftDelft
  1. About Ampelmann

    Ampelmann makes offshore access as easy as crossing the street. Our drive is to make offshore access safer, enable the energy transition and have a great career in the meantime. We combine the challenges of a large globally-operating organisation with a change-positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. Personal development and responsibility take centre stage at Ampelmann. Growing Ampelmann means growing you.

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  3. Safety Standards

    Safety Standards

    Offshore safety: Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE)

    Ampelmann Operations designs, builds, tests and operates systems for safe offshore personnel transfer. Safety has the highest priority in all our operations.


    Safety goes beyond safe working only, it is a mindset that people take home as well. Raising a safety issue is preventing harm from occurring to another and to yourself. And safety procedures are in place for a reason.

    This mindset is created by having a couple of standard safety moments:

    Prior to each meeting an (un)safe experience is shared with everyone. If someone tells you, you can work more safely; you say "Thank You". This enables everyone to address issues (rather than being shouted at, because someone doesn't like criticism.)

    Our 6 Golden Rules

    We have defined 6 golden rules that apply to all our operations:
    1. Safety First;
    2. Trained for the Job;
    3. Aware of Risks; Use PPE;
    4. Prepare your Job - Gather at your Toolbox;
    5. No action without supervision;
    6. Respect the environment.

    System safety

    The products developed by Ampelmann Operations are designed with safety in mind. This means that critical components are equipped redundantly to ensure safe operations at all times. Ampelmann Operations can tell that the system is safe, it is better to have someone else confirm that. That is why Lloyd's Register certifies the following of our systems:

    - Design Appraisal - review of all drawings and the basis of design
    - Inspection Statement - survey of the production of the primary structure
    - Overload test - the system is subjected to an overload test after construction
    - Control & Electrical - review and certification of electrical and hydraulic safety features

  4. Why Use The Ampelmann

    Why use our offshore access system?

    It is safe, reliable and cost effective;
    Able to compensate ship motions up to 2,5 meters;
    Increases the accessibility of offshore structures to 90% of the time;
    No modifications are needed to your platform;
    Installation on a vessel can be done within 8 hours;

    24 hours operation

    The combination of an Ampelmann on a vessel has turned out to be a very safe and cost effective alternative for any installation, maintenance, intervention or decommissioning job as opposed to the expensive jack-up rigs, semi-submersibles or helicopters. Moreover, the Ampelmann also eliminates offshore personnel transfer by crew baskets, swing ropes and boat landings, especially in marginal weather conditions.

    Oil & Gas

    More and more offshore exploration and production companies are dealing with ageing of assets, stabilization of productivity and increase of QHSE safety requirements. Flexible and low cost offshore access solutions are required in order to keep the structures operating and productive. Several companies have used the Ampelmann offshore transfer system with success. For instance: Total, Wintershall, Shell, Origin Energy, Saipem, and BP.

    Offshore wind

    The Ampelmann offshore access system has already shown its value in both the installation and O & M area. The Ampelmann supports our clients with the installation of Transition Pieces, grouting by guiding the grouting hose from the vessel to the monopile structure and during maintenance of offshore wind farms. Our clients: Siemens, Jumbo, Fluor and Ballast Nedam.

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