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Jennifer, Mechanical Engineer (Employee at Babcock International)


Mechanical Engineer

Within the engineering department at Babcock I work with a group... Show more
Richard, Electrical Engineer (Employee at Babcock International)


Electrical Engineer

One of the main reasons I chose Babcock was the flexibility of the... Show more
Jessica, Commercial Graduate (Employee at Babcock International)


Commercial Graduate

I started at Cavendish in a temporary role and quite liked it so I... Show more
Mohamad, Process Engineer (Employee at Babcock International)


Process Engineer

‘If you see an opportunity here, you can make it happen. The... Show more
Lisa, Astute Planning Manager (Employee at Babcock International)


Astute Planning Manager

“The most important thing to bring with you, surprisingly, is good... Show more
Jagdeep, Finance Graduate (Employee at Babcock International)


Finance Graduate

Working at Babcock is exciting and it’s different from any other... Show more
Mark, Graduate Electrical Engineer (Employee at Babcock International)


Graduate Electrical Engineer

I studied electrical engineering at university and one of the... Show more
Jonathon, Support Service Account Manager (Employee at Babcock International)


Support Service Account Manager

“Babcock doesn’t often sing its own praises. But we’ve built up... Show more
Chris, Consultant (Employee at Babcock International)



“It’s a great place to be early on in your career. There are... Show more

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