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Senior Security Officer

Posted 16 Jul 2024
Work experience
2 to 3 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required language
Dutch (Fluent)

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The Senior Security Officer (SSO), Singapore will be the focal point for all security related activities and incident response for Dyson’s premises and operations within selected sites in Singapore. The position will be deployed in selected sites in Singapore. The role will necessarily require the individual to actively monitor emerging and existing threats to both manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites within Singapore. The Security Officer also coordinates support, whenever necessary, from other areas of Dyson Group Security (including Security Training, Insider Risk, Information Security, Profit Protection and Technical Security) where necessary or needed.

The qualified candidate will report directly to the Assistant Security Manager, Singapore.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Ensure strict adherence to security plans, protocols, and SOPs.
  • Conduct rigorous access control measures.
  • Manage pass exchanges and oversee access card management.
  • Implement comprehensive security surveillance within the work compound.
  • Conduct vigilant patrols and monitor CCTV systems.
  • Verify the authorization of all personnel present on the premises.
  • Effectively manage incidents and promptly report them in a timely manner to security leadership.
  • Report any malfunction or breakdown of facilities or machinery items (e.g., turnstiles, ceiling lights) to relevant stakeholders.
  • Collaborate in Fire Safety Management during both drills and actual fire incidents.
  • Undertake additional duties as assigned.
  • Extend a professional welcome to and greet employees and guest.
  • Handle complaints and suggestions from employees with professionalism and courtesy.
  • Acquire and maintain a comprehensive working knowledge to provide employees/guest with information regarding directions, available services, and facilities when required.


  • Constantly drives positive behaviors (aligned with Dyson Code and Values) amongst all members of the Singapore Security Operations Team
  • Maintains a flexible vision of the future.
  • Builds positive partnership skills through effective communications.
  • Manages a diverse range of stakeholders and in doing so, ensure all needs are qualified, understood and provisioned in a proportional and cost-effective manner.
  • Continually assesses existing systems and approach, rationalizing where necessary and implementing new, more efficient methods and cost-effective solutions where appropriate.


  • Must have sound judgment and discretion.
  • Willingness to take initiative and make continuous improvements.
  • Able to maintain composure in demanding environment and cope with a high degree of change and growth.
  • Understand diverse stakeholder and job requirements and independently determine what tasks need to be accomplished.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Able to perform shift work, work on weekends and public holidays when required.
  • Proven experience in security supervision.
  • Knowledge of security protocols and emergency response procedures.
  • Effective communication and people skills.
  • Ability to manage incidents professionally and efficiently.
  • Able to manage access control and surveillance.
  • Customer service orientation.
  • Critical thinking skills and ability to manage complaints.
  • Flexibility to perform various duties as assigned.

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