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Senior Data Solution Engineer

Posted 15 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 7 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€3,902 - €5,575 per month
Degree level
Required language
English (Fluent)

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Skills that will come in handy in this job.

  • You're analytically minded. Main or side issue? You see the difference at once. You get to the heart of matters with ease while maintaining an overall view.
  • You're innovative. Hello, early adopter! You're abreast of all the latest developments that are important to your work.
  • You always find a solution. You're never one to shirk problems. You investigate them thoroughly and have a knack for exposing possible causes. 'Look before you leap' is one of your favourite maxims.
  • You see the big picture. You're often three steps ahead of the rest. You see relationships in everything and come up with inventive solutions.
  • You're customer focused. If the customer is happy, you're happy. You ask the right questions, listen carefully and keep going until the problem at hand has been resolved.
  • You speak plain English. When you say something, you make sure others understand. Your words flow with clarity and precision, commanding the attention of your audience.

Your Job

We are looking for experienced Senior Data Engineers to join our Network Data Hub (NDH), consisting of two squads: Hive and Data Bees. In this role, within the Data Bees squad, you are responsible for connectivity, data collection, ETL, dashboarding/BI, automation, and machine learning for business applications.As data solution engineer you are responsible for extracting, organizing and unlocking data so that indicated users in the organization can make effective and efficient use of it. The objective of a data solution engineer is to deliver information products that support users in the organization to substantiate their decisions. You use business intelligence to organize data from various sources into a structured environment. Business stakeholders know what information they need and how they want it reported, the data engineer advises and organizes the requested data for this information.

What we offer

You give your best every day, because it makes you happy – and because of these benefits. At VodafoneZiggo a fulltime job starts from 32 hours. It is up to you! Based on a 40-hour working week, you can count on:

  • Gross monthly salary of between € 3.902 and € 5.575 - with growth potential.
  • A Benefit Budget of 14.95% (incl. holiday allowance) on top of your gross salary. Have it paid out, use it to buy extra holiday days or save it up for something nice - it's up to you.
  • Unlimited Learning: unlimited access to thousands of courses and workshops.
  • NS-Business Card of your choice. Travel first class for business and pleasure for free.
  • A pension scheme with additional savings options.
  • Annual bonus based on overall company performance.

What you bring to the job

This is how you do it:

  • Build and maintain reliable end-to-end data pipelines.
  • Focus on data transformation and efficient data reading/writing from various databases.
  • Contribute to dashboard creation and reporting solutions, a significant advantage.
  • Work in a fully on-premise environment, utilizing open-source software solutions to ensure comprehensive data correlation from various network elements, enhancing observability for internal customers.
  • Participate in bi-weekly scrum sprints, company QBR/QPE processes to align with stakeholders, and contribute to the roadmap considering company OKRs and KPIs.

You’ve got what it takes:

Extensive use of PostgreSQL, Airflow, Apache Superset, Grafana & Suite (Mimir, Prometheus, LoKi), Unit Testing, Python, Spark, API Gateways, and FTP/SFTP protocols. Familiarity with GitLab for version control and collaborative development.

VodafoneZiggo connects millions of people and organizations. We believe in creating progress and enjoyment with every connection, every day. We want to encourage positive change with 8,000 colleagues. This is not an easy task. And that’s what makes it so much fun. The world of digital communication is fascinating. There are endless possibilities and expectations. This requires people who feel comfortable with complex questions. Who are happy to take on any challenge.
Enjoy the challenge!

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70% men - 30% women
Average age is 1 years