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Internship in our Finance department | Corporate Actuary

Posted 25 May 2024
Work experience
0 to 1 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
Degree level
Required languages
English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

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Are you pursuing a bachelor or master degree in Econometrics, Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, Data Sciences or Finance and you’re not sure which place you belong to? Then take the chance to do an internship in our Finance department at Allianz Benelux! We offer the opportunity to discover different departments where you can enhance your quantitative skills and find out what path you want to work towards in your future.

At Allianz, we are more than happy to welcome you with open arms!

What are the key activities of our teams?

  • Actuarial Life: In this team, you'll work closely with stakeholders to assess future policy claims and obligations. Using actuarial techniques and statistical modeling, you'll develop accurate reserve calculations for policyholder benefits and claims. This involves analyzing demographic data, mortality rates, policyholder behavior, and economic factors to project future liabilities. You'll also collaborate with other teams for financial insights and contribute to strategic planning, product development, and risk management.
  • Actuarial P&C: Your work will focus on analyzing data and using actuarial techniques to evaluate potential losses. By studying historical data, industry trends, and other factors, you'll develop models to determine the reserves needed to fulfill policy obligations. Collaboration with other teams, such as pricing and capital management, ensures accurate reserves and provides financial insights for decision-making. Your analysis and recommendations will be vital for maintaining the company's financial stability and profitability.

Curious to discover some projects/activities you could work on?

  • Calibration of biometric assumptions in liability estimation;
  • Reporting on portfolio trends and actual vs expected claims;
  • Projection of internal expenses in liability calculations;
  • Analysis of Value of New Business (VNB) and New Business Margin (NBM);
  • Tracking and comparison of realized vs expected VNB generation;
  • Revision of sub-models in the cash-flow model;
  • Migration from static reporting to dynamic dashboarding;
  • Data analysis;
  • Statistical methods for projecting future claims;
  • Forecasting of large claims or natural catastrophes.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look further on our website as we have internships opportunities in different teams (Performance Steering, Risk Management, Corporate Actuary, Data office, Actuarial Function & Model Validation).

Do you want to intern at the world's largest insurance company? Take the check!

  • Are you pursuing a bacehlor or master's degree in Finance, Econometrics, Actuarial Science, or a related field? Check!;
  • Are you fluent in English with ideally good knowledge of Dutch or French? Check!;
  • Are you a true team player and have strong communication skills? Check!;
  • Are you looking for an internship for the first or second semester, with a flexible schedule based on your classes? Check!;
  • Are you genuinely curious, innovative and looking forward to your internship? Check!.

What can you expect from your internship?

  • You will become a full-fledged member of the Allianz team, which will welcome you with open arms;
  • You will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects, gaining valuable practical knowledge;
  • Your Allianz colleagues will gladly provide the necessary guidance;
  • You will join a pleasant and warm international work environment, where team spirit and collegiality are central;
  • You will work in modern and comfortable conditions in our brand-new office building;
  • You will enjoy flexible working hours, allowing you to easily adjust your work schedule to your class schedule.

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