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Tech & Management Traineeship

Posted 19 Jul 2024
Work experience
0 to 5 years
Full-time / part-time
Job function
€3,010 - €3,290 per month
Degree level
Required languages
English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

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Your heart beats faster with technology.

So there is no better place to start your career in Brainport Eindhoven region. The smartest square kilometers of Europe. The ecosystem of the Netherlands where technology and innovation are central!

You want to work on tomorrow's technological solutions. But you are also more broadly interested and know that you still have a lot to learn!

What's in it for you?

  • Tech meets Business

You have leadership ambitions and see yourself as a connector between tech and business. But you know better than anyone that people are the most important success factor in change.

  • Discover

Together we will discover where your talent and future lies. In two years time you will rotate between different clients, assignments and roles.

  • Build your network

It is logical that your network will grow enormously through all the different clients you will be working for. Not to mention your fellow trainees and alumni...

We almost forgot the most important thing. You form a close group with fellow trainees.

You meet regularly during training sessions, peer reviews or one of the many activities and drinks. You get to know each other through and through and will most likely make friends for life.


Your unique personality, skills and talents are the starting point. We help you discover them. But really, we dig deeper. To your qualities, ambitions and life dreams. We believe that you can only be truly happy and successful in your work if it matches who you are. You also get the chance to get to know different companies from the inside. And come into contact with different technologies. In order to discover where you fit best.

Perhaps you would like to specialize in a particular field or technology after your traineeship. Or a role as project lead might suit you better.

There are several possibilities and we will find out together. All this will come together in your own future plan full of challenges.


You will work hard on your development. You will not do this alone. We are here to help you. With the best guidance, feedback, coaching and training. During the two-year traineeship you will sharpen your skills. Can't say goodbye after two years? Have you not yet finished developing? Then you can extend the traineeship for another year. In this third year you can, based on your needs, develop further in terms of content. For example, in the specializations change, sustainability, data, project, product and process management. All this to achieve your personal and professional goals.


We believe that you learn most from doing. You will work on challenging assignments that really matter. In a technical context. And which connect to the experience you already bring. You learn but realize impactful results immediately. You get the chance to show your talents to the companies you work for. This is how you create your own opportunities. After the traineeship, the opportunities are at your feet. And not only within the Brainport region, but definitely beyond!

Do you want to work as a Junior Technical Lead engineer, a Junior Project Manager or as a Supply Chain Engineer at beautiful large technical organizations that make a difference? Then apply immediately! We only have a few places available in 2023!

We offer you:

  • A strong focus on your leadership
  • The chance to develop yourself in one of the most innovative regions
  • A state-of-the-art 2 year development program
  • Optional 3rd year for personal development
  • Possibility to specialize: change, sustainability, product management and data
  • Your own Ormit talent coach
  • Learning and being challenged by your pool of fellow trainees
  • Executing projects at different organizations.
  • Being challenged on your leadership in an innovation and technical environment

After these two years;

  • You will have a better understanding of your talents and qualities
  • You know what energizes you and what doesn't
  • You will have enhanced your leadership skills and know how to get people on board.
  • You know what it takes to initiate and implement change.
  • Make an impact with who you are and what you do
  • And last but not least... Have you found the job that really makes you happy!

Bij Ormit Talent doen we er alles aan om jouw carrière een kick-start te geven. Young professionals als jij groeien bij ons uit tot échte toptalenten. Zo word je één van de nieuwe leiders van morgen! Haal alles uit de persoonlijke coaching, begeleiding en training die wij jou bieden. Daar doe je de rest van je carrière je voordeel mee. Your future looks bright. Let’s start today!

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250 employees
50% men - 50% women
Average age is 25 years